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Renewable Energy Certificates

SRP REC Select™

The SRP REC Select program helps large businesses reduce their carbon footprint and meet corporate sustainability goals with renewable energy certificates (RECs), conveniently charged on your monthly SRP bill.

What’s a REC?

One REC represents 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of renewable energy generated and delivered to the grid. By purchasing RECs, businesses have the exclusive claim of the carbon-free power delivered by the renewable generation.

How the program works

With this program, SRP handles all of the back-end details, making it simple for your business to purchase RECs and support clean energy.

Your business chooses the subscription type and quantity of RECs.

SRP purchases RECs from a third-party supplier under the SRP REC Select program.

REC costs are conveniently added to your monthly bill, which may have budgeting advantages.

Your business has exclusive claim to RECs by participating in the program.

You will receive an annual report detailing your participation in SRP’s renewable energy programs.

The program is only a one-year commitment with an annual enrollment period.

Subscription options

When purchasing RECs, you can choose from two subscription options: solar and wind or carbon-free.

  Solar and Wind Carbon-free
Technology Solar and wind Large hydro, wind and solar
Region North America North America
Resource Vintage Newer resources (<15 years old) Older resources
REC Vintage No older than nine months prior to billing month No older than nine months prior to billing month
Certification None None
Program REC Cap* 750,000 MWh 1,000,000 MWh
Cost and availability Dependent on market conditions during annual program enrollment period Dependent on market conditions during annual program enrollment period
Taxable Yes Yes
*Individual customer caps may also be applied.

How to enroll

Enrollment begins soon. Pricing for each option will be available during the program enrollment period starting in early March 2024. Subscription option variables will include:

  • Program REC caps
  • Customer min./max. subscription levels
  • Carbon-free percentage target
  • Pricing

Contact your Strategic Energy Manager (SEM) to learn more or request your contract. You can also call us at (602) 236-8833 or email bizcenter@srpnet.com.

Frequently asked questions

SRP partners with large industry-leading renewable energy commodities suppliers to purchase North American RECs for the program.

Pricing will be market-based with a firm price per REC as indicated during the customer enrollment process and will be fixed for the full program year. Pricing includes a small SRP administrative fee as well as the REC price from the commodities supplier and will be subject to applicable tax rates.

  • Customers must meet the minimum annual usage requirement of 750,000-plus kilowatt-hours.
  • Program participation requires execution of a Participation Agreement during the annual enrollment period.
  • Customers can select up to 50 accounts to evenly distribute the annual program costs.
  • Annual usage requirements and account enrollments must adhere to the REC Pilot Rider.
  • Minimum REC purchase of 100 RECs per customer for the program year.

The program is limited to the quantity of RECs established at the beginning of each program year. Considerations are made regarding customer interest and the REC market’s ability to support program demand without inflating prices.

There is a one-year commitment with an annual renewal option during the enrollment period. Customers can enroll in the program only during the open enrollment period. Enrollment is open from March to April of each year.