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SRP Solar Choice Select™

The SRP Solar Choice Select program lets you offset up to 20% of your business’s energy usage with utility-scale solar. It’s a simple and affordable way to reduce your carbon footprint and work toward your corporate sustainability goals.

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    Support a more sustainable future

    SRP has allocated the energy from one of our upcoming utility-scale solar plants, connected directly to our grid, specifically for stakeholders who have renewable energy goals. By participating in the Solar Choice Select program, you will have documented green energy to help achieve your goals, demonstrate your commitment to clean energy and help grow demand for renewables in Arizona.

    Clean energy sources like solar power help reduce CO2 emissions that contribute to global warming. 

    Experience solar made simple

    SRP Solar Choice is a great option for business customers who can’t install on-site solar generation, as well as those with on-site solar who want to utilize additional solar energy. This program allows you to take advantage of solar energy without construction or operational impacts to your business. 

    Program requirements

    SRP Solar Choice Select is designed specifically for larger commercial accounts exceeding 750,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) over a rolling 12-month period.

    Program costs

    Once enrolled, you’ll only pay half a cent more per kWh ($0.005/kWh) for the energy you offset – and it’s all conveniently added to your regular monthly bill. 

    How to enroll

    You can enroll now by contacting your Strategic Energy Manager (SEM) to request a reservation form. Not sure who your SEM is? You can find your SEM listed at the top of your monthly bill, or we can help. Just give us a call at (602) 236-8833(602) 236-8833 or email bizcenter@srpnet.com. 

    Enrollment is open until April 30, 2026, or when the program is fully subscribed.

    The solar generation facility is currently in the planning phases of construction. Program billing will begin when the facility commissions and provides energy to the program.

    SRP Solar Choice Select FAQ

    Still have questions about the program? We’ve got answers.

    The utility-scale solar generation is connected to SRP’s grid and is blended with energy generated from other resources. Program energy is monitored monthly for each account enrolled and will appear as a line item on your bill.

    Your investment allocates a greater share of renewables to your business, and the premiums are used to fund further investments into solar development here in Arizona.

    Yes. Taxes are included in the tax line of your monthly bill and calculated based on city, county and state rates.

    Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) will be retired in the name of the SRP Solar Choice Select (SCS) program in the Western Regional Energy Generation Information System (WREGIS). WREGIS is an independent, web-based tracking system for RECs that covers the Western Interconnect territory. SRP provides annual product-level resource type breakdown information and carbon intensities on its Power Content Label, including programs within the Renewable Energy Solutions portfolio. Further SRP will provide customer-specific reports that detail total customer load and specific volumes of all renewable products purchased through SRP or Each participating customer will receive an annual report specific to their total load and renewable energy purchased through their program subscriptions. Customers can claim sole benefit of RECs purchased through SRP’s renewable products to meet loads in SRP’s service territory with a full set of documentation (SRP monthly bills, Power Content Label and the individual product summary report) to support claims.

    Once enrolled, customers must remain in the program for the duration of program year. Program years are tied to SRP’s fiscal year, beginning May 1, ending April 30.