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Sign your business up for SRP Solar Choice™

The SRP Solar Choice program lets you offset half or all of your business’s energy use with clean utility-scale solar. It’s a simple and low-cost way to reduce your carbon footprint and work toward your corporate sustainability goals.

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    An affordable way to support clean solar power

    With SRP Solar Choice, your business can now take advantage of Arizona-based utility-scale solar power. You’ll only pay half a cent more per kilowatt-hour (kWh) than on your current plan.

    How much will SRP Solar Choice cost?

    Say your business uses 20,000 kWh in one month. Here’s what your SRP Solar Choice premium would be depending on how much energy you choose to offset:

    • Offset 100% energy use: $100/month
    • Offset 50% energy use: $50/month

    Clean energy sources like solar power help reduce CO2 emissions that contribute to global warming.

    Ready to offset your energy use with solar power?

    Explore your solar options below. SRP Solar Choice is a flexible program to meet your business needs.  If your account or combined service accounts do not exceed an energy usage threshold of 750,000 kwh over a rolling 12 month period, you are eligible to participate.  You can change how much energy to offset or even opt out at any time.

    All you need to do is contact your Strategic Energy Manager (SEM).

    Single Service Accounts Sign-up
    1-2 service accounts

    You can sign up each of your accounts through your online account. Please reach out to your SEM or SRP if you need assistance.

    Enroll through SRP My Account™
    Multiple Service Accounts Sign-up
    3+ service accounts

    Your SEM can help you enroll multiple accounts and understand where SRP Solar Choice makes the most sense.

    Find your SEM's name and phone number on your SRP bill.

    Not sure who your SEM is? We can help. Just give us a call at (602) 236-8833(602) 236-8833 or email bizcenter@srpnet.com.

    Demonstrate your commitment to clean energy

    Enrolling your business with SRP Solar Choice means supporting clean and renewable energy resources.

    Here’s the impact your business is making when you enroll:

    • Reducing your carbon footprint: The program allows your business to offset half or all of your energy use with clean, renewable solar energy produced right here in Arizona.
    • Creating a more sustainable future: Your investment helps you meet your green energy needs and moves you closer to your corporate sustainability goals.
    • Making a difference for Arizona’s environment: Your enrollment helps grow demand for clean energy sources, helping to reduce CO2 emissions that contribute to global warming.  

    Give your business the SRP Solar Choice advantage

    SRP Solar Choice allows you to take advantage of solar energy without having to install a system on-site. That means:

    • You get access to renewable energy now.
    • You can change your selection to meet your business, energy and sustainability goals.
    • It's a good option for SRP business customers who want the benefits of solar energy, but aren't able to install solar on-site.

    SRP Solar Choice FAQ

    Still have questions about the program? We’ve got answers.

    In short, no. SRP Solar Choice offers a way to offset the energy you use at your business. The actual electricity (electrons) delivered to your business is a blend of the resources on the grid. SRP Solar Choice purchases solar energy from Arizona solar farms, which supports solar development and cleaner energy in Arizona.

    Your investment helps cover the costs of offsetting your business’s energy usage with solar energy, allowing you to demonstrate your commitment to green energy.

    Yes. Taxes are included in the tax line of your monthly bill and calculated based on city, county and state rates.