Our commitment to the environment

It takes a lot of infrastructure to produce energy to meet the needs of Greater Phoenix – the homes we live in, the businesses we work in and the places we gather across our communities. Our power plants, transmission lines, substations and canals dot the Arizona landscape and we are aware of our responsibility to operate these facilities in the most environmentally and fiscally responsible way.

That's why we're moving towards a new series of targets to meet by 2035 that will manage emissions, increase our use of renewable energy and further reduce our use of precious water supplies. As we accelerate towards these goals, we're supporting a series of programs to help us and our customers become better environmental caretakers, as well.

SRP Healthy Forest Initiative™: Returning forests to a healthy state

Arizona's forests have been ravaged by wildfire over the last 20 years – and that destruction wreaks havoc on Greater Phoenix's water supply in a multitude of ways. SRP's Healthy Forest Iniative aims to repair that damage.

For a minimum $3 donation each month, you can help restore the state's forests to their natural grandeur. For every dollar you give, we'll match it – meaning the state's wildlands get healthy at double the rate. Since inception, we've planted 1,222,000 trees – and counting, Thank you, SRP customers!

Solar for Nonprofits: Give back to Arizona's nonprofits

It's one thing to support the nonprofits helping Arizonans in need with a one-time gift. It's a whole 'nother thing to give them a gift that can last a couple decades – and help them reach a goal of being sustainable themselves.

SRP's Solar for Nonprofits program takes customer donations and couples them with SRP expertise to provide complimentary solar systems for local charities. As a result, these organizations that help Arizonans shine get a portion of their power from their sun, cut down on energy expenses and contribute to a greener tomorrow.

Drive Electric: Put the power of electricity in your next car

Looking for another way to cut your environmental impact? SRP's Drive Electric program offers a special electric vehicle (EV) price plan that lets you charge your EV at home during "super off-peak" hours. Whether you have a battery/electric hybrid, or a purely battery-only car, you get overnight charging prices that can save you money. Turn your commute into an emissions-free journey and collect a $50 Amazon gift card along the way by joining our EV Community.

2035: Our commitment towards to the next level of sustainability

We're not done. In fact, we're only getting started. SRP's leaders, including our publicly-elected officials, are determined to make SRP a guidepost among utilities – setting aggressive goals to strengthen our ongoing stewardship of natural resources, proactively address our customers' and communities' priorities and maintain our strong commitment to financial responsibility while responding to a rapidly changing industry. The details of this plan continued to be hammered out, but we're focused on a vision that results in the same dependable SRP electric you've come to know, all wrapped up in a responsible eco-friendly portfolio that will power Greater Phoenix well into decades of future growth.