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SRP 2035 Sustainability Goals Update Process

SRP 2035 Sustainability Goals Update Process

Ensuring our goals meet the needs of the customers and communities we serve.

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    Originally approved in 2019, the SRP 2035 Sustainability Goals are evaluated and updated every five years. These updates ensure the goals continue to meet the evolving needs of the customers and communities we serve. The revised goals, updated in March 2024, reflect input from a broad range of stakeholders and will take effect in May 2025. See the updated SRP 2035 Sustainability GoalsDocument is a PDF.

    SRP Sustainability Goal Update open house events

    SRP held three open house events, Jan. 9–11, 2024, and shared the proposed changes to our 2035 Sustainability Goals.

    See the 2035 Sustainability Goal RecommendationsDocument is a PDF

    Advisory Group Meetings

    Advisory Group Meeting #1: Water Resiliency

    October 13, 2023

    Advisory Group Meeting #2: Carbon Emissions Reductions Pillar, Generation Water, Facilities Water, Supply Chain & Waste Reductions Pillar

    October 27, 2023

    Advisory Group Meeting #3: Customer and Grid Enablement, Customer Sustainability Rating, Employee Engagement

    November 17, 2023

    Advisory Group Meeting #4: Recommended Directions (Goal 1.1 Generation Carbon discussed in subgroup below)

    December 8, 2023

    Meeting #5 Subgroup: Generation Carbon Follow Up

    December 8, 2023

    Advisory Group Meeting #6: Key Takeaways and Goal Status Updates

    January 26, 2024