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Sign up for SRP irrigation service

Irrigation is a valuable service for deep-watering lawns and farmland. To order SRP irrigation, start by seeing if your property falls in our service map.

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    Is SRP irrigation available in your area?

    How does irrigation work?

    Irrigation takes advantage of the Valley’s 100-year-old canal system that delivers water from nearby reservoirs.

    Once water reaches the Valley, specially trained Zanjeros (that’s Spanish for “ditch riders”) control irrigation gates to release water from the canals through smaller waterways called laterals, all the way to your neighborhood. Water then flows through private irrigation ditches and pipelines to individual properties.

    Neighbors must work together to build and maintain private irrigation systems. This will ensure all homes get the right amount of irrigation water at the right time. Learn how to manage your neighborhood irrigation.

    Sign up for SRP irrigation

    1. Call SRP
      If your property falls in our service area, call SRP at (602) 236-3333(602) 236-3333 set up your account.
    2. Learn your neighborhood system
      Talk to your neighbors about your scheduled delivery time, maintaining the system and how to open and close ports (or if a commercial irrigator is used).
    3. Order irrigation water
      Sign up for water delivery in one of the following ways:
      • Call SRP at (602) 236-3333(602) 236-3333.
      • Place an order in SRP My Account™.
      • Sign up for the Recurring Order Program through the SRP Water App™.
      • Use the app to manage your bill or make a cash payment at a participating retail location.
    SRP Water App on Google PlaySRP Water App on the App store
    1. Turn on SRP irrigation alerts in My Account
      Stay on top of your water deliveries and billing with alerts. Steps to enroll in alerts:
      • Log in to My Account.
      • Select the "My profile & settings" tab from the dashboard.
      • Select "Contact info & alerts."

    Stop or cancel irrigation service

    To cancel a single water order, log in to My Account and click the “Skip next delivery” button. 

    To permanently cancel your irrigation service, call SRP at (602) 236-3333(602) 236-3333.

    Irrigation owner’s manuals

    For more helpful information about SRP irrigation works, including how to order water and maintain your private system, see the Residential Irrigation Owner's ManualDocument is a PDF or the Agricultural Irrigation Owner's ManualDocument is a PDF.