Coronado Generating Station

Owner/Operator: SRP (100% owner)

Description: Coal-fired, steam electric generating station.

Location: Near St. Johns, in eastern Arizona.

Capacity: 773 megawatts, from one 389 MW-unit and one 384 MW-unit

Fuel source: The McKinley Mine, located east of Window Rock near the New Mexico-Arizona border, and Powder River Basin in Wyoming.

Plant construction: Construction began 1975. Unit 1 completed Dec. 31, 1979. Unit 2 completed Oct. 1, 1980.

Construction costs: $700 million, including $220 million in environmental control equipment.

Environmental control equipment:

  • Electrostatic precipitators to control fly ash.
  • Scrubbers to remove sulfur dioxide (SO2).
  • Water reservoir is lined to help recover and contain process waste.

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