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Community organizations SRP supports

Serving our community has been a part of SRP from the beginning. Learn about the organizations we support and how to apply for grants.

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    Building Our Community, Together

    At SRP, we place a high priority on community giving. We believe that when the community comes together, there is no limit to what we can all achieve. Watch the video below to learn more about the positive impact our community partnerships make every year.

    SRP corporate contributions 

    SRP believes in a sustainable and vibrant future for us all, which is why we proudly support local nonprofits working to strengthen our communities. 

    We provide volunteers for community events, as well as monetary assistance through the following giving priorities:

    Basic needs

    Providing food, shelter, safety and other essentials to help underserved communities become self-sufficient.

    Community education

    Educational funds including classroom enrichment programs that focus on STEM education, safety, job-readiness and employment skills.

    Community enrichment

    Sponsorship of local events and programs that increase our quality of life in the Valley and encourage arts and culture, public/civic engagement and environmental sustainability.

    Corporate giving guidelines

    To ensure SRP funds go to those most in need, we’ve established corporate giving guidelines. Read on to see if you qualify.

    Qualifying organizations:

    • Public charity that is a nonprofit under 501(c)3 of the IRS tax code in Arizona
    • County or municipality in the state of Arizona requesting funding under the section 170(c)1 IRS tax code
    • Teacher in Arizona
    • Tribal government in Arizona

    Qualifying service areas:

    • Gila County
    • Maricopa County
    • Apache County
    • Navajo County
    • Pinal County
    • St. Johns
    • Yavapai County

    Qualifying focus areas:

    • Basic needs services
    • Education
    • Arts and culture
    • Public/civic engagement
    • Environmental

    Projects we cannot support:

    • Individuals (specific students, researchers, travel expenses, conference fees, etc.)
    • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, creed, sex or national origin
    • Endowment programs
    • Medical research projects or medical procedures for individuals
    • Professional schools of art, academic art programs, individual high school or college performing groups
    • Political or lobbying groups or campaigns
    • Fraternal organizations, veterans' organizations, professional associations and other similar membership groups
    • Organizations outside the geographic area where SRP provides electric or water service or employment
    • Public or commercial broadcasting programs
    • Religious activities or church-sponsored programs limited to church membership
    • Debt-reduction campaigns

    Under no circumstances will SRP donate service (water or electricity), equipment or services for which a fee is normally charged.

    Support for basic needs


    donated in 2021

    SRP donates to organizations and events that provide vital services to people in our communities. Through this giving priority we can:

    • Provide food, shelter and safety from violence or crises
    • Enable children to participate in programs that promote personal development and positive life choices
    • Educate people about water and electrical safety

    Support for community education 


    donated in 2021

    SRP invests in Arizona’s future by investing in education — supporting programs that enrich classrooms. Through this giving priority we can:

    • Provide professional development for teachers to build STEM education for K–12 students
    • Help teachers better prepare students for higher education through enrichment activities and access to technology
    • Help high school students develop job-readiness and employment skills

    Support for quality of life


    donated in 2021

    SRP is committed to building communities that celebrate diverse perspectives, promote civic engagement and champion environmental stewardship. Through this giving priority we can:

    • Help identify and train local leaders
    • Sponsor events that promote diversity and educate families on water and electrical safety
    • Support environmental programs that focus on water resources
    • Support professional arts organizations that reflect the diversity of SRP’s customers

    SRP’s exceptional employees

    In addition to corporate giving, SRP employees donate time and resources in support of our communities.

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