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Keeping our water clean

SRP is committed to protecting the quality of our water. Over the years, we’ve invested heavily in technology and in community and state agency partnerships to address pollution and keep our water supply safe.

Water quality monitoring

Water quality affects everyone in the Valley, so it’s a top priority at SRP. We monitor the rivers in our watersheds as well as the canals and wells in our service area. By testing the water regularly, we can see patterns in water quality and spot possible sources of pollution.

Today, we test canal and well water for more potential pollutants than ever before. We collect samples from points along the canals every month and from our wells once a year. The samples are tested at our laboratory (where we can test the chemical makeup of the water), which is certified by the state of Arizona.

We also use computer modeling to track conditions in the canals and control nitrate levels in the water. Nitrate is found naturally in lakes, rivers and well water, but high levels can be unsafe .

Water stewardship: A company-wide initiative

We make every effort to protect our water sources, even at our power plants. We get permits and approvals as outlined by the Clean Water Act and the Arizona Aquifer Protection Program . We monitor and report as required by law. We also audit our operations regularly and take action to make sure we’re in compliance.

Our commitment to water stewardship has led to surprising solutions, such as changing part of our water treatment system so we could cut back on the use of chemicals at our power plants. One power plant was able to eliminate 22,000 gallons of sodium hydroxide from storage. The same plant reduced its sulfuric acid supply from 20,000 gallons to just 1,000 gallons — a 95% reduction.

Doing your part

You, too, can help protect our water from pollution. Here are some tips:

  • When you use fertilizers and pesticides, follow the directions carefully. Don't use more than you’re supposed to. These chemicals can wash away during rainstorms and pollute our water.
  • Hazardous chemicals like antifreeze, oil, paints, stains or polishes can pollute our water. Never pour chemicals like these down drains, sewers or onto the ground.
  • Store lawn and garden chemicals securely where they won't spill or leak. These chemicals can also pollute our water.

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