Irrigation valve and gate maintenance

You and your neighbors are responsible for maintenance and repair of neighborhood irrigation gates. Individual property owners should also ensure their irrigation valves are in good condition and their berms can sufficiently contain irrigation water within their property's boundaries.

Like any mechanical device, the irrigation valve on your property is subject to wear and can eventually become damaged. Making prompt repairs is the property owner’s responsibility and is essential to keeping your neighborhood’s irrigation system functioning properly.

There are several steps you can take to make sure your valve is in good condition and ready to receive irrigation water:

  1. Make sure valves are installed correctly and not upside down. The side with the rubber gasket should be facedown to create a seal against the supply pipe.
  2. Ensure the stem is long enough. When the valve is completely open, the opening should be about the height of four fingers stacked together. If the opening is not high enough, or the stem is bent, replace the valve.
  3. Test the sealing gasket to make sure it is in good condition. If you press your thumbnail into it, the rubber should return to form.

If you notice any of the following, your valve is in need of repair:

  • Water is leaking from the top, even when the valve is closed.
  • The top is visibly broken or cracked.
  • The cover is missing.
  • The concrete around the valve is cracked.

If your valve is broken, attempt to make temporary repairs — if possible — until a permanent replacement can be made. Place sandbags around the point of the break or around at-risk areas on your property to protect against flooding.

Call the SRP Water Contact Center at (602) 236-3333 when these steps have been taken. If the break occurs near a scheduled irrigation run, we may be able to divert your delivery so others in your neighborhood can still receive their water.

As a courtesy, we maintain information about local contractors and supply companies where replacement parts can be purchased. A list of tips for building good irrigation berms is also available.

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