Irrigation system repairs

You and your neighbors are responsible for the maintenance and repair of your neighborhood irrigation system.

A list of irrigation supply companies document is a pdf known to have provided supplies for private irrigation systems in recent history is provided solely as a convenience to you. SRP does not warrant or guarantee the products provided by any company appearing on the list.

Hiring tips

If you or your neighbors cannot perform a repair yourselves, consider hiring an irrigation contractor. We understand this is big undertaking, and although SRP does not recommend or endorse specific contractors, we do offer the following tips:

  • Request at least three detailed estimates from licensed contractors. Prices and project components, such as maintenance warranties, can vary significantly.
  • Only hire a licensed contractor. You can verify the license status of a contractor or subcontractor quickly by calling (877) 692-9762. You should not only check your contractor's status before you sign a contract, but you should also continue to check it periodically throughout the project, as the status of your contractor's license could change at any moment.
  • Make sure your contractor is bonded and insured. You need to understand the limits on your contractor's bonding and insurance to make sure your project is sufficiently protected.
  • Request at least three references from prospective contractors. If possible, you should also try to visit some of their recently completed projects. Speaking with at least three references should give you a good idea about the contractor's work and work ethic.
  • Require your contractor to put all project expectations in writing. This will enable you to better protect your investment. If the expectations change during the course of the project, these changes should also be captured in writing.
  • Read all documentation carefully before you sign. It is important to understand everything you're agreeing to so that there are no regrets later.

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors also provides a list of tips you should consider before hiring a contractor.

Additionally, SRP maintains a list of commercial irrigators and neither recommends nor guarantees their work. We provide the list only as a place to start.

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