Hiring a commercial irrigator

Opening and closing the irrigation valve to your property at the correct delivery time is your responsibility. But because SRP delivers water 24 hours a day, seven days a week, some property owners and neighborhoods choose to hire a commercial irrigator.

Commercial irrigators can order and oversee water deliveries, and they often can make repairs to private systems. You can download a partial list of current irrigators Document is a pdf or call the Water Contact Center at (602) 236-3333 for additional information.

These listings are provided solely as a convenience to you. SRP does not warrant or guarantee the work performed by these individuals and companies. You are solely responsible for the individual's or company's performance and any contract with the individual or company.

Hiring tips

Hiring a commercial irrigator is a big undertaking. Although SRP does not recommend or endorse specific commercial irrigators, we do offer these helpful tips:

  • Request at least three detailed estimates from irrigators. Prices and irrigation delivery services can vary significantly.
  • Request at least three references from prospective irrigators. If possible, you should also try to visit or speak with other customers whom they irrigate for. Speaking with at least three references should give you a good idea about the irrigator's work and work ethic.
  • Require the irrigator to put all irrigation delivery services in writing. This will help you better protect your investment. If the service expectations change at any given time, make sure these changes are also captured in writing.
  • Read all documentation carefully before you sign. It is important to understand all that you're agreeing to so that there are no regrets or misunderstandings later.

For your protection, check with the Better Business Bureau at (602) 264-1721 for a profile on any irrigator you are considering hiring.

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