Tips for building good irrigation berms

When irrigating, it is important not to let the water run off your property and go to waste. Water loss frequently occurs because a berm is too low to contain the flow or the water pressure has weakened the berm and created an opening.

Generally, your berms should be twice the height of the amount of the water you are receiving.

The following tips can help improve your berms and prevent water loss and waste:

  • Shovel dirt on the berm area needing repair.
  • Mist the dirt with a fine spray of water, and then pack the dirt down gently with a shovel, a roller or your feet.
  • Repeat the process until your berm is high and solid enough to contain all the water ordered within your property boundaries.
  • Spread grass seed along the berm to help prevent soil erosion.

If you need extra dirt, construction sites and pool companies are a good place to ask for excess available dirt for your use.

If you do not wish to build or repair the berms yourself, an irrigation contractor may be able to assist.

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