Mormon Flat Dam

Mormon Flat Dam is named after nearby Mormon Flat, a place where pioneers from Utah stopped to camp en route to the Valley. The dam, built between 1923-25, is 224 feet high and 380 feet long.

Two hydroelectric generating units are at the dam; one is a conventional unit rated at 10,000 kW; the other is a pumped storage unit built in 1971 and rated at 50,000 kW. The pumped storage unit permits recycling of water for hydroelectric production and keeps lake levels relatively constant.

Canyon Lake reservoir

Mormon Flat Dam forms Canyon reservoir. Below are some reservoir statistics:

  • Length: 10 miles
  • Shoreline: 28 miles
  • Capacity: 57,852 acre-feet
  • Surface acreage when full: 950 acres
  • Maximum depth: 131.5 feet