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Canyon Lake drawdown project

The water level at Canyon Lake will be lowered for approximately 16 weeks starting mid-September of 2026 for critical dam safety inspections and maintenance.

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    Project details

    SRP and the Bureau of Reclamation conduct this important maintenance project once every 20 years. The same work was conducted in 2007, and before that in 1987.

    Here’s what you need to know about the Canyon Lake drawdown project: 

    • While maintenance is regularly performed on the dams, some critical equipment is located underwater, which makes it inaccessible without lowering the lake level.
    • The work will focus on the normally submerged portions of Mormon Flat and Horse Mesa dams, as well as the river channel downstream of Horse Mesa Dam.
    • SRP will be lowering the water level at Canyon Lake by approximately 54 feet through a drawdown process.
    • No water will be wasted, just stored in other reservoirs until the work is complete.
    • The lake drawdown will not interfere with water delivery to SRP’s water customers.


    Canyon Lake will be closed to the public during the drawdown and the following areas/services will be impacted: 

    • Canyon Lake 
    • Canyon Lake Marina and Campground
    • The Dolly Steamboat cruises 
    • Tonto National Forest  facilities surrounding Canyon Lake

    The following adjustments will be made during the project:

    • SRP will continue to deliver water from the Salt and Verde river reservoirs as usual.
    • Canyon Lake Marina will relocate slips and boats.
    • There may be river channel clearing in areas where water flow is impeded.


    The drawdown project has several important benefits, including:

    • Supporting operational safety of the dams for water storage and flood control. 
    • Ensuring water reliability for more than 2.5 million Valley residents.
    • Providing an opportunity for SRP and other agencies and businesses to perform any necessary maintenance work and repairs to their Canyon Lake facilities. 


    The project will last for approximately 16 weeks beginning in September of 2026.

    • Approximately four weeks to lower the water level by roughly 54 feet. 
    • Approximately eight weeks to complete the inspection and maintenance work. 
    • Approximately four weeks to fill the lake back to the normal level using water from upstream reservoirs.

    Visit the following websites for updates:


    Canyon Lake Topographic map

    Frequently asked questions

    No. Boats will not be permitted on the lake during the drawdown. The water level will drop daily exposing hazards that are normally too deep to present danger.