Outage Center Resources

Outage Center Resources

Storm safety

Stay safe during a power outage

When a storm causes an outage, SRP immediately gets to work restoring power. Here’s what you can do to stay safe and in-the-know.

Your power may be out, but we won’t leave you in the dark.

When the lights go out, rest assured that SRP is working to restore power as quickly as possible. The safest place for you to be is inside your home.

If you have an electrical emergency, call SRP immediately at (602) 236-8888..

Stay informed about area outages and restoration times by looking at our outage report or signing up for outage alerts.

Stay safe and in-the-know.

During an outage, getting your power back on is our top priority. Here’s what you can do to stay safe.

Stay inside.

From the safety of your home, look for any fallen power lines – they could be on the ground or caught in trees. If you do see anything, keep your distance and dial 911.

  • Never touch or try to move a downed power line.
  • Stay at least 100 feet away from downed lines (that’s about the length of two semi-trucks), as electricity can travel through the ground.
  • Call 911 to report the locations of downed power lines. SRP, along with area police and fire departments, will respond with urgency to these situations.

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Report the outage.

Report an outage by logging in to My Account or Calling SRO at (602) 236-8888. For Spanish, call (602) 236-1100.

You’ll want to have the address of the outage location or your account number handy (it’s located on the top left corner of your bill). You’ll be asked for it so we know where the power outage is.

Sign up for outage alerts.

You can get real-time information about outages in your area, including estimated restoration times, by signing up for email or text outage alerts or viewing our outage map.

Power down with caution.

When power comes back on, there’s a surge of electrical energy that could damage electronics in your home. Here’s how to protect your appliances – and SRP crews.

If you use a standby generator, take proper safety precautions.

  • When SRP crews are in your area, turn off your generator. The electrical load on the power lines can be hazardous for crews making repairs.
  • SRP does not recommend connecting a generator directly to a breaker panel, fuse box or meter box because of the hazard it can create for SRP crews.
  • To avoid electrocution, plug individual appliances into the generator using heavy-duty, outdoor rated cords with a wire gauge adequate for the appliance load.

Turn off all major appliances and electronics.

  • Turn off all major appliances like your computer, air conditioner, TV and dishwasher. This will help protect your equipment from voltage fluctuations.
  • Be sure to wait one minute after the power has been restored before turning these items back on.

Turn off all the lights – except one.

  • The one light will let you know when the power has been restored.
  • When power is restored, wait a few minutes before turning on lights and appliances — turn them on one at a time.

SRP crews are ready to act.

While SRP can’t predict when a storm will cause outages, we do take steps to be prepared.

Here’s how we’re making sure we’re ready to serve our customers before, during and after extreme weather conditions:

  • SRP works with local fire, police, utilities and cities before a storm to ensure we’re prepared.
  • We purchase supplies well in advance of storm season so we can safely and quickly replace poles, lines and other electrical equipment.
  • Right before a storm, our meteorologists track where a storm is going so crews can be prepared.
  • During a storm, our grid operators work to isolate outages and downed lines so crews can turn off power and first responders can do their jobs safely.
  • Next, we secure electrical equipment, then critical infrastructure like hospitals and police stations, then homes and businesses.
  • After a storm, our teams work as safely and quickly as possible to restore power.

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