Frequently asked questions about interconnected generators

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The Interconnection Handbook Document is a PDF specifies SRP requirements for safe and effective interconnection of Generating Facility to the SRP electric utility distribution system. If you plan to interconnect a generator to SRP's electric system, or already have done so, please contact us by e-mail.

If your generator (including solar power) and SRP's electric distribution system can be connected together such that both sources can supply electricity to the same electrical load at the same time, even if just for a split second, then you have an interconnected system. Please review the Interconnection Handbook Document is a PDF and contact us by e-mail regarding your project.

If my generator is not connected to SRP's system, is there anything I still need to know?
Yes. In that case, please review:

An example of a generator not connected to SRP's system is one that can only be connected to a customer's electric system by operating a transfer switch. The switch first disconnects the customer system from the SRP system, then connects the customer system to a generator and is commonly called an "open transition" transfer switch.

For residential installations or business/industrial installations, please contact us by e-mail.