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Electric gate restricted access switch guidelines

Many service locations in SRP's service area are protected by electric gates. SRP has an unconditional right of access to a customer's premises for the purpose of accessing SRP facilities for emergencies, maintenance and other work.  

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    Customer responsibilities

    See what’s required of you, the customer, and of SRP when it comes to electric gate access.

    1. SRP requires customers to install a restricted access switch (RAS) on each existing or proposed main and guest entry gate and restricted exit gates that provides continuous 24-hour access.
    2. The RAS must be installed by the customer's gate service company and maintained according to SRP specifications. It must be kept in working order for our field personnel. If the RAS stops working, it is the customer's responsibility to make the necessary repairs.
    3. After the customer has purchased and received the RAS from the distributor listed in chapter 11 of the Electric Service Specifications, the customer will install it in the location shown on the SRP design.
    4. SRP will inspect each installation of an RAS to make sure the gate opens and closes. SRP assumes no liability for the installation of the switch.
      1. New construction installation(s): Any meter(s) associated with the entrance or guest gate and/or restricted exit gate requires the installation of an RAS.
      2. Existing installations: Each installation for existing main or guest entry gates and/or restricted exit gates must be inspected to verify that the RAS is installed and operational.

    Installation information

    Review these guidelines and instructions for installing your SRP restricted access switch (RAS).

    1. Where to place your RAS:
      1. The installation must not obstruct, impede, inhibit or block the operation of existing or proposed placement of gate operation devices for the local fire department, police department or the U.S. Postal Service.
      2. The preferred installation is on the pole/pedestal facing the same direction as the telephone operator or on the left side of the pole/pedestal so that it is observable to a driver approaching the gate for entry.
      3. For approval of non-standard installations due to the design of the pedestals, contact your SRP Design Consultant.
    2. The SRP-approved RAS is mounted in a cast faceplate design and comes with a single-pole/single-throw momentary switch and tamper-proof screws for securing the cover.
    3. The customer may need to provide the remaining installation parts to complete installation:
    Quantity Part Description  Suggested vendors 
    1 Weatherproof box single gang box  2.75" x 4.5" x 2" 
    With three 0.5" outlets 
    RACO 5320-0 
    BELL 270-L 
    RED DOT IH3-1 
    1 Thread locker  Secure sealant for unused weatherproof box closure plugs  Loctite Red #271 
    Loctite Red #268 
    1 Silicone sealant  Used to seal around key switch cover and pedestal box 0.5" hole  Silicone sealant
    4 Fasteners  # 10 steel zinc-plated fasteners   
    2 Wire connectors  3M wire connectors - crimped butt splices preferred or equivalent for connecting 2 #18 AWG wires 6 feet copper wire 6 feet of 18 THHN or MTW 16-strand copper wire for extension from key switch to telephone entry box   
    6 feet Copper wire  6 feet copper wire 6 feet of 18 THHN or MTW 16-strand copper wire for extension from key switch to telephone entry box   
    1. To prevent damage, use electric tape or a protective sleeve covering the wire as it passes through the hole into the pedestal/raceway.
    2. Splice the micro-switch wires with an insulated voltage-appropriate crimped connector. Do not use twist-lock wire nuts for wire extensions to the operator.
    3. Terminate the gate operator end at the receiving terminal block.
    4. A key will not be provided. Activation of the micro-switch will be the only test required.
    5. Proceed with caution. This test requires the installer to ensure that all electrical connections are insulated from possible contact with persons or equipment.


    Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about electric gate access.

    Immediate access means that SRP workers can immediately reach SRP equipment 24 hours a day for emergencies, testing, inspection, meter reading and maintenance. When SRP crews do not have immediate 24-hour access, it prevents SRP from responding immediately and in the event of an emergency. This could cause extended power interruptions, serious property damage and/or life-threatening public safety risks. That is why all electric gates blocking access to SRP facilities must have an RAS installed.

    Each of these organizations has its own method for accessing customer and community electric gates. Due to liability issues, these groups are not willing to grant SRP, other municipalities or other utilities access to their systems.

    Section 6.10 of SRP's rules and regulations provides that SRP must have an unconditional right of access to a customer's premises for the purpose of accessing SRP facilities for maintenance and other work. SRP's rules and regulations have been adopted by SRP pursuant to A.R.S. Section 48, subsection 2301 et. seq., Section 30, subsection 801 et. seq. and other pertinent authority.

    Any existing main, guest and/or restricted entry gates must include an access switch. Exit-only gates with pressure sensors or electric sensors are not required to include an RAS.

    After researching other options, SRP decided to use the RAS assembly, which is a key assembly. SRP has been using this restricted key assembly successfully throughout our territory for more than 20 years. The RAS assembly has proven to be dependable and requires little to no maintenance.

    • Existing electric gates: Contact IDN-Acme for an approved list of gate vendors by calling (602) 272-5300 or emailing srpegapt@srpnet.com.
    • Proposed electric gates: When submitting plans to SRP, the customer must identify all proposed electric gates and their locations. The RAS cost will be incurred by the customer at the time of purchase from the distributor listed in chapter 11 of the Electric Service Specifications.  The RAS must be installed before the final inspection, prior to SRP construction. This is a pass/fail item.

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    *Disclaimer: Electric gates that do not have the approved RAS do not meet the requirements of our Electric Service Agreement Section 1-15.2.C. Customers that fail to comply in a timely manner could be responsible for losses caused by SRP's lack of access, such as injury to persons or damage to property, loss of revenue and other losses claimed by SRP customers and others. SRP reserves the right to not respond to unsafe situations.