Electric Service Specifications

These specifications are for licensed electrical contractors. To receive electric service from SRP, you must follow SRP's standards for obtaining electric service.

View and search the manual

You can download a copy of the Electric Service Specifications manual from this page by opening and printing each of the sections below. The manual is available in PDF format and is updated periodically.

To find specific pages within each PDF section: Drag the thin bar on the left side of your screen to the right and click on the bookmark or thumbnail tabs. You can then click on a bookmark or thumbnail page to go directly to that page.

To search for keywords within a section: Click the "Search" button or icon at the top left of your Adobe Acrobat toolbar and enter keywords in the box at the right.

How to search in a PDF document

You can also search the complete Electric Service Specifications manual Document is a PDF (49.1 MB). Refer to the search tip above for help.

Painting guidelines for enhancing aesthetics

You may enhance area aesthetics if you follow certain guidelines. View our guide on painting SRP pad-mounted equipment Document is a PDF.

Printed copies no longer available

SRP is no longer offering printed copies of the Electric Service Specifications manual or other external Standards books. All Standards books can now be accessed electronically.

There are several reasons for this change, primarily safety and sustainability. Electronic copies ensure that the latest information is readily available (printed materials can quickly become outdated, which may pose safety risks) while also saving resources, such as paper, postage and packaging.

If you have questions about this change, please email Engineering_Standards@srpnet.com.