Social studies grants by SRP 2018-19 recipients

This year, 10 schools were selected through evaluators and the committee to receive an SRP grant in social studies. SRP will fund the following projects for a total of $24,161.

Elementary schools (5)

  • Cactus Wren Elementary (Phoenix) – $2,000. Social studies for super star scholars will engage fourth and fifth grade students in learning about our government and citizenship. Super star scholars will work to gain knowledge about history and our government by completing research projects, using maps and learning map skills and hearing first-hand accounts from guest speakers/educators. Funds will be used to purchase a variety of books, flashcards, maps and globes.
  • Chaparral Elementary (Gilbert) – $2,500. Grant funds will be used to purchase classroom tablets and books to teach fifth grade social studies, with a focus on the American Revolution and Civil War. Tablets will enable students to conduct their own research on various topics, go on virtual field trips, and look at real world artifacts from that era. Books on the American Revolution and the Civil War will re-enforce the important events that helped shape our country.
  • Circle Cross Ranch K-8 STEM Academy (Florence) – $2,500. Funds will be used to incorporate Project-Based Learning activities in to all classrooms. The grant will be used to purchase teacher materials, primary leveled flip charts, globes, maps and informational reading books at various grade levels for students to utilize during different projects.
  • Frank Elementary School (Guadalupe) – $2,500. The “Third Grade through the Years - At Frank Elementary School” program will enable teachers to show students how communities change over time. It will also showcase how the community's school changes to support and meet the needs of the ever-growing community. Audio and video materials to conduct interviews, a field trip to the Heard Museum and the Arizona Heritage Center at Papago Park to learn the history of Native Americans and Arizona settlers and books will be purchased to support the program.
  • Mercury Mine Elementary School (Phoenix) – $2,500. Mercury Mine Elementary School will continue a rich tradition of Artist in Residence and be immersed in Chinese arts, history, geography and culture via a multicultural and multidisciplinary residency in a study program entitled “A Cultural Journey to China.”  Artist Mei Kuei Chan Cruise will work with individual classrooms and a group of core students. She will provide student learning, interaction and hands-on activities primarily focusing on visual and performing arts of China including language, history, geography and mathematics. The residency will culminate in a school and community evening festival of Chinese arts and culture.

Junior high/Middle schools (4)

  • Cooley Middle School (Gilbert) – $2,500. Grant funds will be utilized to purchase laptop computers so that seventh and eighth grade students have the opportunity to take advantage of 21st century material in a relevant and meaningful way. The laptop computers would access primary source materials that may not be available otherwise including historical music, letters, photos, essays, and video. Other uses might include activities such as Sandra Day O'Conner's iCivics, a game based on civics education, or virtual tours.
  • Kyrene School District (Chandler) – $2,161. Social Studies Grant funds will allow students to have a central location at school to enrich their International Baccalaureate (IB) experience. The space will house literature, both non-fiction and fiction, a showcase area for student work, and an interactive map that depicts which global communities’ students have helped through service learning activities. The IB library will offer students the opportunity to see themselves in literature and to make a stronger connection to the world around them while strengthening their exploration of the IB's Global Contexts.
  • Mountain View (Phoenix) – $2,500. Funds will assist in the creation of the History Reading Lab. It will provide relevant, engaging text sets on a variety of accessible Lexile levels to support social studies instruction in the General Education and Structured English Immersion programs. Class sets of literature, graphic novels, atlases, primary source sets and three chrome books will be purchased. In addition, supporting electronic supplies to be used for learning stations for seventh and eighth graders in the General Education and Structured English Immersion programs, which comprise 10 classes, will also be bought.
  • Rhodes Junior High School (Mesa) – $2,500. Grant funds will be used to explore how people could have avoided, or resolved, the environmental and humanitarian problems that caused, or were caused by, the Dust Bowl. Students will develop solutions to the environmental and humanitarian problems involved in the Dust Bowl. They will gather evidence through carrying out science experiments, performing data analysis, analyzing historical fiction, interpreting primary and secondary sources, and examining art.

High schools (1)

  • Arizona Center for Youth Resources (Phoenix) – $2,500. Grant funds will be utilized to create a Medieval Time Machine in which high school students will experience key events from the Renaissance and Reformation. They will learn how these events influenced the culture of society at the time and shaped the arts, literature, and sciences. 

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