Caring for Arizona and our customers

SRP’s commitment to the Valley of the Sun and the people it serves started with our formation over 100 years ago. With the construction of Roosevelt Dam, SRP was born – and with it came the responsibility to manage the Salt River watershed, a vast expanse of forested mountains and grasslands spanning much of northern and eastern Arizona.

That first social responsibility kickstarted a corporate culture of giving to others, nurturing a sustainable ecosystem and a thriving economy across Arizona. In that spirit, our outreach programs span water, environmental, safety, educational and solar development causes – areas where our expertise allows us to uniquely drive the region towards a better tomorrow.

Volunteer hours given by our employees in 2016

Corporate donations distributed last year

Trees planted in Arizona forests since 2011

Reservoirs we manage to provide water to Greater Phoenix

Water: Defending our supply

Caring for the Valley’s water supply is our first responsibility, and it’s one we take seriously. We manage 13,000 square miles of watershed – with an eye towards ensuring healthy watersheds, protecting your water supply, efficiently managing it and seeking new sources of water to support the needs of a growing metropolis. That’s why caring for the Valley’s water supply is at the forefront of our outreach efforts.

Environment: Caring for air, water and wildlife

As SRP and the Valley grew, so did our infrastructure: dams, power plants, transmission lines.

Our employees are residents of the communities we serve and we understand the importance of operating our facilities responsibly. In addition to our wildlife protection, forest planting and air quality programs, SRP is embarking on an ambitious new set of guidelines set to position it as an environmental leader among utilities by 2035.

Community Outreach: Supporting people and organizations

Our commitment to improving the lives of others stretches across the classroom, the state’s nonprofits and multiple initiatives to keep others safe around water and electricity. We contribute more than $3.4 million every year to organizations working in the fields of health and human services, arts and culture, civic and environmental and educational programs. These contributions help not just those most in need, but ensure a culturally diverse Arizona landscape positioned to grow economically and socially in the decades to come.