Giving back to those we serve

Public service is at the core of SRP's values and mission. We're a nonprofit based in Arizona. So this isn't just our home; it's our employees' home, too. It's why, collectively, our employees give close to 45,000 hours of volunteer time and donate $1.6 million directly from their paychecks to local nonprofits.

But that's only the beginning. SRP itself contributes another $3.6 million in corporate contributions, provides training and classroom materials to educators across the state and works hard to ensure the safety of our customers and employees through workshops and materials.

Number of free materials we distribute annually for teachers to use in Arizona classrooms

Volunteer hours given annually by SRP employees

Cash grants we give directly to teachers each use for teachers to use in their classrooms

Cans of food donated by our workers in 2018.

Corporate contributions: strengthening the community

Our corporate contributions are designed to ensure the nonprofits serving our customers in the greatest need of help have the resources to do so. That's why the largest portion of our giving goes to organizations providing basic needs like food and shelter to people in the areas we do business.

While much of our focus is on these core needs, we also have our eye on the future. That's why we give to educational organizations that aim to develop the workforce of tomorrow; and cultural and civic groups focused on generating a region attractive to top employers and companies.

Education: preparing students for the economy of tomorrow

The complex infrastructure needed to deliver reliable electricity through solar and traditional requires a workforce with know-how in the science, technology, engineering and math fields. It's one of the reasons we give nearly $1.3 million annually via direct grants to teachers promoting STEM topics and educational organizations that help develop teachers who focus on science and math education.

We also offer free training to Arizona instructors on numerous STEM subjects and provide free materials to aid them in teaching these subjects in the classroom.

Safety: protecting those we care for

Whether it's our coworkers, the families we go home to or the customers we serve, none of these efforts matter if they're not safe. Electricity and water can both be dangerous. It's for this reason that SRP invests heavily in bringing electric and water safety messages to our employees, Arizona families and to the general public through safety events held throughout the year.

We also provide free safety materials to any Arizona family seeking them, including electric and water safety books and CPR training DVDs.