Snowflake White Mountain Biomass Power Plant

Operator: Renegy Holdings, Inc., Tempe, Ariz.

Plant location: Snowflake, Ariz.

SRP involvement: SRP has an agreement to purchase part of the plant's electrical energy output.

Description: Snowflake White Mountain Biomass is Arizona's largest renewable energy plant. It generates electricity through a wood-burning boiler using forest thinning (wood-waste material from the area's forest industries) and waste recycled paper fibers from an existing newsprint paper mill located adjacent to the biomass facility.

Capacity: 24 MW.

Fuel source: At least 75% of the Snowflake plant's production will be generated by forest-thinning efforts ocurring on U.S. forest lands surrounding the communities of Arizona's White Mountains.

The remaining 25% of the plant's energy output will be generated from unusable, recycled paper fibers discarded by the Catalyst Paper Corp. mill. The mill produces 250 bone-dry tons of unusable paper fiber each day. Prior to being consumed by the Snowflake biomass plant for the production of electricity, the mill's waste material was stored in a nearby landfill.

Part of the EarthWise Energy portfolio: The commencement of commercial operation at the Snowflake plant marks SRP's entry into the biomass power generation market and will be the newest addition to SRP's EarthWise Energy Program, which consists of 529 megawatts of rewewable energy. SRP's EarthWise Energy Program is electricity generated from clean energy sources such as solar, landfill gas, hydro (including low-impact hydro), wind, geothermal and now biomass. SRP customers can participate in SRP's Earthwise Energy Program by paying a small premium on their monthly electric bill to support the continued development of clean energy for future generations.

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