Palo Verde Nuclear Generation Station

Operator: Arizona Public Service Co. (APS)

SRP share: 17.49% of total plant

Location: 40 miles west of downtown Phoenix

Description: Three nuclear generating units

Capacity: 3,739 MW from three units. SRP receives 654 MW for its share of Palo Verde.

Plant construction: Construction began in 1976. Unit 1 and Unit 2 were completed in 1986; Unit 3 was completed in 1988.

Ownership summary:

APS 29.1%
SRP 17.5%
El Paso Electric Co. 15.8%
Southern California Edison 15.8%
Public Service Co. of New Mexico 10.2%
Southern California Public Power Authority 5.9%
Los Angeles Dept. of Water & Power 5.7%

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