Kyrene Generating Station

Owner/operator: SRP (100% owner)

Description: Kyrene has one combined-cycle, two steam and three combustion turbine generators.

Location: Tempe, Ariz.

Capacity: 521 megawatts (MW) from six units; 106 MW from two original steam units, 165 MW from three combustion-turbine units and 250 MW from one combined-cycle unit.

Fuel source: The station can burn either natural gas or oil, depending upon availability, cost and environmental restrictions.

Plant construction: Construction began in 1951. Unit 1 was completed July 1, 1952. Unit 2 was completed on June 1, 1954. Four gas-combustion turbines were built in the early 1970s; one was sold back to the vendor in 1996. The newest unit was completed in October 2002. Kyrene is SRP's oldest operating steam plant.

Construction costs: $35 million for the first five, $150 million for the newest unit.


  • Kyrene is a quick source of electricity. Unit 4 is a combustion turbine capable of producing power within 20-30 minutes; Units 4 and 6 are 'quick-start' turbines that can produce power in less than 10 minutes to add critical power to meet peak demands.
  • Kyrene increases the reliability of the local electric system.

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