Dry Lake Wind Power Project

Operator: Iberdrola Renewables, Tempe, Ariz.

Plant location: Navajo Co., Ariz.

SRP involvement: SRP has an agreement to purchase 100% of the plant's electrical energy output.

Description: The Dry Lake Wind Power Project, located near Heber, Ariz., is the state's first commercial-scale wind farm. The project is situated on a combination of private, state and Bureau of Land Management public lands. The Suzlon S88-2.1 MW turbines at this wind power project generate 127 megawatts (MW) of clean, renewable energy. Typically, a 127 MW wind project can generate power for more than 20,000 average homes, according to the American Wind Energy Association's calculation.

Capacity: 127 MW.

Fuel source: Wind.

Dedication of the project

Don't miss our video from the dedication of the Dry Lake Wind Power Project.

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