Desert Basin Generating Station

Owner/operator: Wholly owned by SRP

Description: Desert Basin is a combined cycle, natural gas-fired generating unit with two combustion turbines, two heat recovery steam generators and one steam turbine.

Location: Casa Grande, Ariz.

Capacity: The output of combustion turbines can vary at different times throughout the year. The nominal output for this facility is 577 megawatts.

Fuel source: The station burns natural gas.

Plant construction: Construction began in 1999 and went commercial in October 2001.

Construction cost: SRP purchased the plant in October 2003 from Reliant Resources, Inc. at a cost of $288.5 million.


  • Desert Basin helps meet SRP's growing resource need.
  • With its proximity to metropolitan Phoenix, Desert Basin increases SRP's long-term reliability.
  • Mindful of Arizona's precious water resources, the plant is designed and equipped to use renewable water supplies, including reclaimed wastewater.

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