SRP's generation sources

SRP operates or participates in a number of major power plants and generating facilities in Arizona and the Southwest that use thermal and hydroelectric sources. SRP also invests in renewable energy technologies such as solar power and landfill gas projects.

In addition, SRP is working to meet the future energy needs of metropolitan Phoenix by investing in additional supply and transmission facilities.

Generating stations

SRP's generating stations use fuel, steam and nuclear reaction to create energy. To read more about each generating station, click on the links below.

You also may be interested in a summary of SRP's Contract Power Purchases.


SRP also operates several dams along the Salt River and the canal system that produce electricity:

Through contract power purchases, SRP also receives power from these hydroelectric sources:

  • Hoover Dam: 39 MW via the Arizona Power Authority
  • Glen Canyon Dam: 96 MW (less during winter months) via the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation's Colorado River Storage Project.
  • Parker Dam and Davis Dam: 31.7 MW total (less during winter months).

Renewable energy

At SRP, we pursue innovative and effective renewable energy solutions involving geothermal, wind, landfill gas, low-head hydro and solar power.

Resource planning

Unlike water stored in a reservoir or waiting in a pipe, electricity must be made at the exact time it is needed. Customers flip a switch or hit a button and expect immediate results. Resource planning helps ensure those results.

SRP's resource planning process is responsible for continued reliable and low-cost electric service to our customers. Read our 2017-18 Integrated Resource Plan Report File is a PDF.