Alternative dispute resolution

SRP is committed not only to providing outstanding customer service for both electric and water customers, but also to serving the community. To further this commitment, SRP offers Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services through its Consumer Affairs Office.

Because SRP is not an investor-owned utility, disputes involving electric and water services are not under the jurisdiction of the Arizona Corporation Commission. Instead, SRP's Consumer Affairs ombudsmen work directly with SRP customers and the public to settle unresolved service-related disputes against SRP and also represent customer and public viewpoints in matters related to SRP policies, procedures and programs.

In addition, SRP's ombudsmen serve as liaisons to regulatory agencies, consumer groups and social service providers. If you have an unresolved complaint or problem with SRP, or if you are involved in a dispute with a neighbor over an SRP issue, the Consumer Ombudsman office can help.

Consumer Ombudsman

The Ombudsman office independently investigates complaints and helps customers achieve a fair resolution of the dispute.

SRP ombudsmen independently investigate customer disputes in an effort to achieve fair and satisfactory resolutions. If a customer desires further review after an SRP ombudsman completes his or her investigation and renders a decision, an informal customer hearing can be scheduled. The customer is invited to meet with SRP's hearing officer at one of SRP's offices to present his or her side of the issue in person. The hearing officer will then make SRP's final determination on the disputed matter.

Before using SRP's ombudsman services, SRP customers must first attempt to resolve their disputes with the department in which the problems arose. Customers who follow the appropriate channels and still believe their disputes have not been satisfactorily resolved are welcome to contact SRP's Consumer Affairs Office.

Consumer mediation

SRP offers a free mediation service to any electric or water customer who is involved in a dispute that cannot be resolved to the parties' satisfaction. Disagreements range from irrigation problems among neighbors to power theft and conflicts over who should pay an electric bill. All parties must agree to participate in mediation, as this service is voluntary.

SRP's mediation service is an informal process that allows the disputing parties to come together with an impartial SRP mediator to clear up misunderstandings, communicate their concerns and reach a satisfactory resolution or compromise. The mediator doesn't direct the parties in what to do or make judgment about who is right and who is wrong. Control over the outcome of the dispute always stays with the parties themselves.

SRP mediation services can help to reach a mutually agreeable outcome, improve neighborhood relations, avoid expensive litigation or arbitration costs, and eliminate future problems from arising.

Contact us

For more information or to register a complaint or request mediation, please complete our online Dispute resolution form, send an e-mail to the ombudsman, call or write:

SRP Consumer Ombudsman
Consumer Affairs, PAB 240
P. O. Box 52025
Phoenix, AZ 85072-2025
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