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Smart irrigation controllers automatically tailor watering schedules and run times on sprinklers or drip systems to meet specific landscape needs. These systems use weather information and/or site conditions to determine how much water to apply and when to run. Once the smart controller is installed and programmed, little additional monitoring is required.

Studies show most smart controllers will save up to 20% of the water applied by a traditional controller. This is a significant water savings because, in the Valley, up to 70% of household water use is outdoors.

Smart irrigation controllers vary in their complexity. Installation requires some basic electrical knowledge and can be accomplished by most homeowners in approximately three hours. If you choose to hire someone to install the controller, please check to make sure they are licensed, insured and bonded.

A list of smart irrigation controller installers Document is a PDF has been provided by Hunter, Rachio and Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply. SRP has not independently evaluated these installers and neither recommends nor guarantees their work.

The Rachio and Hunter websites contain various installation guidance and training videos for the controllers that were available at the expo.

The Pro-HC smart irrigation controller with Hydrawise® cloud management software from Hunter Industries maximizes water savings, protects outdoor living spaces, and ensures healthy plants in any environment. The controller has been tested by the Irrigation Association's Smart Water Application Technologies (SWAT) team.

Hydrawise automatically adjusts watering schedules based on local, real-time weather data while giving users 24/7 irrigation system access from anywhere in the world via smartphone, tablet, or the web. The software is also compatible with Amazon Alexa™ for convenient voice-activated control. Learn more about the most complete Wi-Fi irrigation solution at .

Rachio’s Smart Sprinkler Controller is also SWAT-tested by the Irrigation Association. The companion mobile app leverages historical and real-time weather data allowing for easy configuration and control from anywhere in the world.

The Smart Sprinkler Controller leverages a nationwide network of personal and federal weather stations for its Weather Intelligence feature set. Weather Intelligence includes seasonal adjustments, rain skips, and more.

Additionally, the Hunter and Rachio controllers have earned the WaterSense label from the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) WaterSense partnership program. The label certifies that the controllers have passed the EPA's rigorous testing requirements, confirming the controller's water-efficiency and performance in landscape settings.

The model featured at the expo is an eight-station indoor controller that can be outdoor adapted by using an enclosure box.

Here are the suggested advanced initial settings for the Hunter Pro-HC Hydrawise controller. These settings are a suggested starting point and may need to be modified for your landscape.

Here are the suggested advanced initial settings File is PDF document for the Rachio controller. These settings are a suggested starting point and may need to be modified for your landscape.

For technical and/or programming questions, please contact either:

You can bring your old irrigation controller to any Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply location to be recycled . Ewing has partnered with Hunter Industries to prevent these controllers from entering landfills. Ewing and Hunter will send your donated controller to Blue Star Recyclers, a Colorado-based non-profit that responsibly recycles electronics, while creating jobs for people with autism and other disabilities.

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