Shareholder Compensation Program

Salt River Valley Water Users' Association (Association) Shareholders may be entitled to compensation for a portion of the amount paid to Arizona Public Service Company (APS) for electricity each year.

The compensation obligation was established in a 1928 Association shareholder election. The election approved a lien on shareholder lands to secure a bond issue whose proceeds were used to construct a dam that included power generation facilities.

The compensation obligation was included to ensure that all shareholders, including those served electricity for residential use by a public service corporation, benefited from the dam.

Qualifications for compensation

To qualify for compensation, you must have:

  • Both owned eligible land and occupied a residence on the eligible land for some period of time during the compensation year; and
  • Received electric service from APS at the eligible residence under a non-experimental APS residential electric rate schedule; and
  • File an Application for Compensation by the annual deadline date; and
  • Paid APS at least 15% more than you would have paid to SRP for the same amount of residential electricity used at the eligible residence during the compensation year.

Applying for compensation

The District conducts annual compensation programs if rate differentials make them appropriate. Each year, normally in the spring, SRP mails applications to every APS customer in the SRP area who annually pays at least 15% more to APS than they would have paid to SRP for the same amount of electricity. Each compensation program has a 90-day application period. Applications must be submitted within the 90 day period. No late applications are accepted.

Even if you applied for compensation in a previous year, you must re-apply to receive compensation for the year 2018. There is no automatic eligibility.

Applications are verified to determine i) if an APS customer is a shareholder (owns land in the SRP area) and ii) if the shareholder was a resident at the address. Shareholders are also eligible if their immediate relatives occupy the property.

Properties owned by churches or religious institutions may be eligible.

How to apply

You can download, print and mail the application for the 2018 Shareholder Compensation Program Document is a PDF.

Additional information

Questions or comments can be sent to:

SRP Shareholder Compensation
P.O. Box 29077
Phoenix, AZ 85038-9077

You can also call (602) 236-8888.