C.C. Cragin Dam and reservoir

SRP acquired C.C. Cragin (formerly Blue Ridge) reservoir from Phelps Dodge Corporation in February 2005 as part of the Gila River Indian Water Rights Settlement approved by the Arizona Water Settlement Act. The agreement settled water rights issues and allowed for the transfer of C.C. Cragin reservoir from Phelps Dodge to SRP.

The C.C. Cragin project consists of a number of facilities, including a dam and reservoir, diversion tunnel and pump shaft, pumping plant, priming reservoir, pipeline, electrical transmission line, and a generating plant. The majority of the project is located in the Coconino and Tonto national forests.

In addition to satisfying obligations to the Gila River Indian Community, C.C. Cragin will be used to supplement SRP shareholders' water supply and to assist in improving the water supply situation in northern Gila County in accordance with the Arizona Water Settlements Act.


In order to meet its need for additional water, Phelps Dodge built Show Low Lake in 1952 and C.C. Cragin reservoir in 1965. Phelps Dodge and SRP entered a water-exchange agreement in 1962 to cover diversions and exchanges of water from these facilities.

This agreement confirmed each party's respective water rights in the watersheds of the Salt, Verde and Gila rivers. In addition, it provided SRP the opportunity to acquire C.C. Cragin reservoir and its water production facilities -- fulfilling Phelps Dodge's obligations under the 1962 agreement to offer the reservoir to SRP.

Phelps Dodge and SRP agreed that if SRP acquired the reservoir, a portion of the water would be delivered to the Gila River Indian Community as part of the Comprehensive Gila River Settlement. C.C. Cragin reservoir, with a storage capacity of 15,000 acre-feet, is in Coconino County about 25 miles north of Payson near Clint's Well atop the Mogollon Rim in the Coconino National Forest.


As part of the Arizona Water Settlement Act of 2004, the name of the dam and reservoir was changed to honor C. C. Cragin. As SRP's General Superintendant in the 1920s and 1930s, Cragin is remembered for his vision of using SRP's water management system to generate hydroelectric power. He was responsible for investigating potential sites on the Salt River that became Mormon Flat, Horse Mesa, and Stewart Mountain Dams.

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