Outage Center Resources

Outage Center Resources

SRP outage planning and maintenance

At SRP, we take power reliability seriously. That's why SRP makes a continual and proactive effort to reduce the length and frequency of power outages in the Valley. Here are a few of the steps that are part of our preventative-maintenance program.

  • Tree-trimming program: Many power outages occur during monsoon storms after trees come in contact with above-ground electric lines. To help prevent these incidents, SRP actively identifies and trims trees that are too close to our transmission and distribution power lines. Customers can eliminate the danger of trees growing into power lines by selecting and planting the right type of tree in the right location. Read more about SRP's tree and power line maintenance policy. If you have additional questions, please email help@srpnet.com or call us at (602) 236-8888.
  • Evaluating and replacing underground cable:. Much of the electric system that serves SRP's customers is buried underground. However, the underground cable can be affected by monsoon rain and lightning. SRP has a significant ongoing effort to replace older cable that is susceptible to inclement weather.
  • Distribution maintenance: Distribution projects include 69kV transmission line projects, pole and cable replacements and planned outages to allow for repair work. Customers are notified well in advance of any planned outages by our Public Involvement team.
  • Diagnostic testing: SRP also has a program to test electric-system equipment with a process called Infrared Thermographic Inspection. This technology helps SRP detect problems in its electrical equipment before they occur. Regular ultrasonic and visual inspections of electric-system equipment are also helping to identify problems before they result in customer outages.
  • Improved weather forecasting: Because severe weather can result in scattered power outages, SRP relies heavily on its own staff of meteorologists to help predict storm activity. SRP uses weather satellite image loops, the Lightning Detection Network and Doppler weather radar displays to forecast potentially damaging weather. This information allows SRP to respond more quickly to storm damage by placing its maintenance crews on alert in areas where heavy storm activity is likely to occur.

SRP's power system also uses advanced technology and sound design to limit service interruptions and restore power quickly when outages do occur. Reliability is our #1 product, and SRP is committed to providing reliable and affordable energy to our more than 1 million customers in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

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