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Impacts of the approved pricing changes

Impacts of the approved changes will vary by customer, price plan and usage.

While the average SRP customer is expected to see a decrease in their monthly bill amount, depending on how you use energy, you may see a decrease greater than 2.2%, lower than 2.2%, no impact at all or — for a small number of customers — even a potential increase in your monthly bill.

SRP offers programs, tips, rebates and more to help customers save money and be more energy efficient. Browse the resources below to better understand your potential bill impact.

Average residential bill impact by price plan

Find your price plan below to see estimates of how the approved changes may affect your bill.

  Average monthly usage (kWh) Average monthly decrease Total decrease
Basic Price Plan 1,074 -$1.12 -0.9%
M-Power Price Plan 1,037 -$3.75 -2.9%
EZ-3 Price Plan 1,251 -$1.53 -1.1%
Time-of-Use Price Plan 1,593 -$2.26 -1.3%
Customer Generation Price Plan 587 -$0.97 -0.9%

Average overall adjustment by customer class

Residential General Service Large General Service Average
-1.3% -2.4% -3.8% -2.2%

Detailed information about the impacts to all price plans, including commercial plans, the Residential Demand Price Plan Pilot or the Electric Vehicle Price Plan are available in SRP management's complete pricing proposalDocument is a PDF.