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Together, we conserve 

Here in the Valley, it’s especially important that we work together to protect our water supply and do what we can to conserve. If we each do a little, we can save a lot.

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    Saving water at home 

    When it comes to conserving water, small changes can make a big difference. Our partners at Water – Use It Wisely  have put together 100-plus ideas for saving waterOpen new site.. From the bathroom to the backyard, these tips can help you start conserving in new ways today.

    Learn how to check for a pool leak

    The amount of water wasted through a slow leak can add up fast. Watch this short video to learn how to check your pool for leaks.

    Get outdoor watering guidelines texted to you once a month

    As the seasons change, so should your irrigation schedule. Get updated outdoor watering guidelines texted to you on the 1st of each month. Text WHENTOWATER to 33222* to enroll.

    *SMS text alerts are managed by the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association. 

    Save on water-saving upgrades 

    SRP customers can take advantage of special pricing on water-saving products, like faucet aerators and water-efficient showerheads, at SRP Marketplace. These products can help you save water and money.

    Savings through your municipality

    Many municipalities throughout the Greater Phoenix area offer rebates on water-saving products, such as high-efficiency toilets, xeriscape (low-water-use landscape conversions) and smart irrigation controllers. These products can help you save water—and money. Check with your municipality to learn more.

    Attend the annual SRP Water Conservation Expo™

    Every year, the SRP Water Conservation Expo brings together people in our community to celebrate water in the Valley. The Expo is a great place to get water-saving tips and learn about free programs from local organizations, including your municipality.

    Managing the Valley's water supply

    SRP has committed to cutting water use at its facilities by 45% by 2035.

    While you're working to make your home or business more water-smart, SRP is carefully managing the Valley's water supply. Together, we'll meet the water needs of our growing communities, today and tomorrow.

    Conservation has been at the heart of our water management strategy for more than a century. We're always looking for new ways to save water and better protect our supply.

    Investing in new technology

    SRP is exploring how to develop new water supplies, stretch existing supplies further and keep our region at the forefront of water resource management.

    We're putting new technologies in place to make sure Arizonans will have enough water to live, work and play – even in times of drought. Some of the our efforts include:

    • Testing automated devices that can better measure and control water deliveries
    • Improving well drilling and aquifer management techniques
    • Promoting smart irrigation controllers to cut outdoor water use at the annual SRP Water Conservation Expo
    • Working with other water providers in the state to look into desalination (the process of removing salt from salt water) opportunities
    • Working with Arizona universities to study ways to conserve and use water more efficiently

    Partnering to conserve

    Securing water in the Valley is a big job and we can't do it alone. That's why we've built strong strategic partnerships with Valley cities, local universities and organizations like EPA WaterSenseOpen new site. and the Water – Use It WiselyOpen new site. campaign.

    SRP is working with 10 cities and towns throughout Greater Phoenix to conserve 5 billion gallons of water by 2035.

    Together with our city partners, SRP is piloting new water-saving technologies and helping to increase water efficiency in the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors. By learning how resorts, hospitals and other businesses use water, we've been able to identify millions of gallons in water savings. 

    Find water conservation advice specific to your city.Open new site.

    The City of Phoenix has an agreement with the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) to conduct research comparing multifamily sector water use across municipalities in the Phoenix metro area. SRP is partnering with the City of Phoenix to identify trends in indoor and outdoor water use patterns by sampling both older and newer properties to determine future efficiency levels among various types of multifamily properties (e.g., apartments, condos, townhomes, mixed-use and senior living centers).

    Multifamily properties and developments are invited to participate in a free water efficiency checkup to identify potential water and cost savings. This study will provide information that can be used for regional projections of water demand in the multifamily sector to better estimate future water supply requirements, plan for water and wastewater service needs, and identify the least disruptive and most cost-effective types of interventions for reducing water use during times of shortage.

    For more information, please contact Karen Neely or James Barron.

    SRP is also working with local universities to conduct water conservation research and take the lead on sustainability and innovation. Through these partnerships, SRP is constantly learning how to make our operations more water-efficient – and we're helping other companies in the Valley do the same.

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