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SRP 2035 Sustainability Goals Update Process

SRP 2035 Sustainability Goals Update Process

Ensuring our goals meet the needs of the customers and communities we serve.

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    On June 3, 2019, the SRP Board unanimously approved our current suite of 20 sustainability goals. In setting these ambitious goals, SRP committed to evaluating and updating them every five years. We have reached the time for work on the first updates. Over the next few months, SRP will seek stakeholder input to ensure their perspectives are considered in any recommended updates to our 2035 Sustainability Goals. Proposed directions for each goal will be posted below following stakeholder meetings this fall.

    If you’d like to be notified when new materials are posted, submit any comments or input on these materials or the proposed goals please email us at sustainability@srpnet.com. There will be additional opportunities for review and discussion of the proposed goal updates in the first half of 2024.

    Advisory Group Meetings

    Advisory Group Meeting #1: Water Resiliency

    October 13, 2023

    Advisory Group Meeting #2: Carbon Emissions Reductions Pillar, Generation Water, Facilities Water, Supply Chain & Waste Reductions Pillar

    October 27, 2023

    Advisory Group Meeting #3: Customer and Grid Enablement, Customer Sustainability Rating, Employee Engagement

    November 17, 2023