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Join for as little as $3 a month to help build solar projects for Valley nonprofits. With the help of solar installations offsetting electricity costs, nonprofits are able to reduce operational costs, saving valuable dollars.

By joining you're helping to power programs that provide services that include:

  • Safe housing for domestic violence victims
  • Youth educational programs
  • Job training services
  • Hot meals for those in need
  • Wildlife rehabilitation services

Since inception, SRP's Solar for Nonprofits completed 49 solar photovoltaic (PV) installations and have collectively helped save nonprofits $589,980*.

Meet your recipients

Image of a solar panel at Desert Botanical Garden. It is captioned '2017, Desert Botanical Garden, 100-kW Solary System'

In May 2017, Desert Botanical Garden (DBG) received solar installations on four buildings’ rooftops that cumulatively add up to 100 kilowatts. Collectively, it will help the nonprofit save nearly $13,000 a year on energy costs.

Image of an eagle at Liberty Wildlife. It is captioned '2016, Liberty Wildlife, 80-kW Solary System'

Liberty Wildlife received an 80.4-kilowatt (kW) solar system in May 2016. It provides 55% of the building's electricity needs, saving the nonprofit about $10,000 a year.

Image of a client at Fellowship Square Mesa. It is captioned '2015, Fellowship Square Mesa, 23-kW PV system.'

Fellowship Square Mesa received a 23-kilowatt (kW) carport solar electric system. This will not only help offset operational costs, but will provide care to Arizona's seniors.

Image of SRP employee volunteers building a Habitat for Humanity home. It is captioned '2015, Habitat for Humanity, 4-kW PV system.'

Habitat for Humanity build in Avondale received a 4-kW PV solar electric system. This will help lower electricity costs homeowners.

Image of a Phoenix Zoo employee with a parrot perched on his hand. It is captioned '2015, Phoenix Zoo, 50-kW PV system.'

The Phoenix Zoo received a 50-kW solar electric system for its newly built Doornbos Volunteer and Administrative Center. This system will help offset costs so that the Zoo can train volunteers who educate visitors.

A woman sitting at a desk, apparently engaged in conversation with someone. The image is captioned '2014, Homeward Bound, 46-kW PV system.'

Homeward Bound received a 46-kilowatt (kW) system as part of a shaded parking structure. This will not only help offset operational costs, but will provide employees and guests with cooler parking during the summer.

A man standing outside. The image is captioned '2014, Tanner Terrace, 46-kW PV system.'

Tanner Terrace's senior housing complex received a 46-kilowatt (kW) system that is part of a shaded parking structure.

A man standing near a solar panel. The photo is captioned '2014, Valleylife, 5-kW PV system.'

VALLEYLIFE will receive a 5-kilowatt (kW) rooftop solar system to help reduce operational costs.

2013 Recipients

A woman standing in front of a series of rooftop solar panels. The caption reads, '2013, Boys & Girls Club of the East Vallet, 31.2-kW PV system.'

This new solar energy system built at Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley (BGCEV) Thunderbird’s Branch in Guadalupe, will help offset a portion of its energy usage and will provide its membership with the opportunity to understand the benefits of solar power.

A woman standing in front of a ground mounted solar panel. The caption reads, '2013, Chandler Gilbert Community College, 14.85-kW PV system.'

The community college’s Pecos Campus received a 14.85-kW system on the ramada of its Environmental Technology Center. Not only will this system offset a portion of the campus’s energy usage, but students will have the opportunity to learn more about solar energy.

A woman standing in front of a solar panel-lined parking shade structure. It is captioned, '2013, Child Crisis Center, 31.2-kW PV system.'

To help reduce Child Crisis Center’s energy consumption and costs, SRP Solar for Nonprofits™ built a 31.2-kW solar energy parking structure at its Mesa location.

A woman standing in front of a series of rooftop solar panels. It is captioned, '2013, Chrysalis Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence, 31.2-kW PV system.'

Chrysalis received a 31.2-kW PV system at its corporate offices, allowing the nonprofit to offset its energy usage with solar power.

An image of a home with rooftop solar. It is captioned, '2013, Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona, 4.8-kW PV system.'

SRP Solar for Nonprofits ™ installed a 4.8-kW PV system at a Habitat for Humanity of Central Arizona (HFHCAZ) build. This system will help reduce the new homeowner’s electric bills.

A man standing in front of a shed-like facility with solar panels on it. It's captioned, '2013, Arizona Zoological Society, Phoenix Zoo.'

The Phoenix Zoo received a 31.2-kW system at its Black-Footed Ferret Breeding Center. This is one of three Solar for Nonprofits projects built at the zoo. Together they will produce about 68,000 kW annually — enough energy to power more than four average homes.

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