Solar Energy

Advancing development of solar and other renewable technologies is at the core of SRP’s business.

That’s why we’ve committed to cut our greenhouse gas emissions by a third by 2035 — a goal we’ll achieve by retiring coal-fired generation and increasing the amount of solar we use to power our customers’ homes and businesses.

We’ve already invested in almost 300 megawatts of solar generation, while carefully balancing the interests of our customers. It’s our job as a nonprofit to deliver reliable power at the best possible price, all while considering the environmental impact of what we do. We do that by investing in solar and renewable technologies that deliver the biggest impact for the best value.

Solar resources for you

At SRP, we want you to feel that you're getting the information and resources about solar you need to make smart energy choices, whether it is for your home or business.

For your home

There are a variety of programs and resources to guide you through installation, connection to SRP's grid and choosing a price plan.

For your business

We're working on becoming more sustainable, and we know other business owners are too. We want to be your partner in this process. Whether you are a business looking into solar or a contractor working with commercial clients, we're here to help.

Advancing solar

While we invest in solar and renewables that currently make economic sense, we’re researching technologies that will further expand the benefits of solar to all of our customers.

We opened our first solar generating facility with dedicated battery storage in May 2018 — stretching the power of solar beyond sundown. We’re working on a second such project in Chandler in conjunction with Tesla. And, we’ve incentivized our customers to explore battery storage with a rebate of up to $3,600 for a home system.

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When you join our Solar for Nonprofits program, you are helping build solar projects for Valley nonprofits. Since the program's inception, 49 solar system installations have been completed saving nonprofits over $600,000.

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