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August 2018

Tips to run your AC more efficiently

Graphic showing typical home energy usage as follows: 51% for cooling, 13% for pool pump, 5% for refrigerator, 4% for electric dryer, 15% for other uses and 12% for water heating.

During the summer, air conditioning can account for 50% or more of your total electric bill. Follow these tips to increase energy efficiency and save money.

  • Install a smart or programmable thermostat. Set it to allow the temperature in your home to increase by 5 to 10 degrees while you’re away and to return to a comfortable level an hour before you return.
  • Turn your air-conditioning fan to “auto.” This turns the fan motor off when the unit is not cooling.
  • Set your ceiling fans to blow downward during the summer to circulate air rather than lowering your thermostat.
  • Replace disposable air filters or clean permanent ones at least once a month.

Free customized energy report

Are you interested in finding out how efficient your home is? Discover energy-saving recommendations that make sense for you with our five-minute online Home Energy Manager survey. Visit to get your customized home energy report today.


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If you participate in the SRP Time-of-Use™, SRP EZ-3™, Electric Vehicle (EV), Residential Demand Pilot or Customer Generation price plan, all hours Sept. 3 will be lower-priced (off-peak) in observance of Labor Day. For the EV Price Plan, super off-peak hours are in effect from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. every day.



Perhaps you’ve heard that much of Arizona experienced the driest winter on record and wondered, “What does this mean for the Phoenix area? Will we run out of water?” Here are the facts about SRP and the water we manage.

Drought is a way of life in the desert. Multi-decade drought cycles are normal for our arid region.

We’re prepared. Despite just experiencing the driest winter on record, our reservoirs’ levels have held steady.

We plan for this. Our hydrologists plan every year as if we’re heading into a major drought, so we’re ready when the bad years hit.

You can help. Saving water at home remains a cost-effective way to stretch supplies.

Get all the facts about your water supply at .

7 ways to save water at home

  1. Install WaterSense-labeled and ENERGY STAR® products.
  2. Check your toilet and water fixtures for leaks.
  3. Instead of frequently refilling your hot water tank, wash your clothes in cold water.
  4. Only wash full loads in the dishwasher and washing machine.
  5. Use a broom to clean driveways, sidewalks and steps.
  6. Adjust your irrigation system seasonally and check for leaks.
  7. Water before the sun rises or after the sun sets to minimize evaporation.


Did you know?

Image of industrial size batteries on a concrete pad.

We’re helping advance utility-scale battery storage. Arizona’s first stand-alone battery-based energy storage system will soon become reality thanks to a new project with AES Corp. and Fluence.

The 10-megawatt energy storage solution will provide power to SRP customers when demand for electricity is high. It will deliver the energy equivalent to power about 1,000 homes for up to four hours. The project, to be built in Chandler, will help us assess how best to scale up future energy storage projects. Learn more at



Image of SRP employee outside checking a breaker box.

Meet one of our Senior Troubleshooters, John Vanderbeek, and learn about residential electrical hazards troubleshooters see as they travel across the Valley to solve outages. Below he shares tips for staying safe and when to call for help at your home.

What is a troubleshooter? Troubleshooters get called out to investigate electrical issues. This can be everything from the power being out or lights flickering to a customer seeing something that might be a hazard. We determine the cause of the issue and get to work solving it.

What are the top three preventable electrical hazards you find at residences? The biggest thing I see is when homeowners have added on to their electrical panel without using a qualified person. We also see safety issues with overloaded electrical panels. Lastly, not having proper access to SRP equipment at a residence delays any help we can provide.

Image of SRP employee outside checking a breaker box using tools.

What’s one thing you want to tell homeowners? If they hire someone to work on their home, I ask that they hire a licensed, bonded electrical contractor that specifically works on electrical equipment. A lot of times homeowners will hire a handyman that does anything from plumbing to landscaping, but they don’t understand the standards to do the work safely. Save yourself the trouble and hire the right people to do the right work.


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Wear a purple awareness ribbon to remember those impacted by child drownings. Ribbons are available at any Phoenix Children's Hospital location.

As of July 1, eight child fatalities had already been reported in Maricopa and Pinal counties in 2018. Sadly, these tragedies are preventable. SRP has long sought to help residents take appropriate measures to ensure that water safety is a part of their daily living. That’s why we are a proud partner in the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Drowning Impact Awareness Month campaign.

During the month of August, the campaign brings awareness to water safety and drowning prevention. With the end-of-summer heat, distractions from getting ready to go back to school, and the upcoming Labor Day weekend, August is an especially dangerous time of year for child drownings. Keep your family safe by reviewing and acting on these water safety tips:

  • Ask your pool supervisors to put away distractions like electronics and books. Have them take turns being on watch, and make sure they know the home address in case of an emergency.
  • Use approved lifesaving devices around water, such as life jackets.
  • Don’t leave outdoor furniture accessible to children who can use it to climb over the pool fence.
  • Lock doors and windows and secure dog doors that lead to pools.
  • Learn how to perform CPR on infants, children and adults.

Get more water safety tips at



Image of a couple at a kitchen counter looking at computers.

Scam attempts targeting utility customers often increase during the summer months. We have heard reports of scammers calling customers to get them to pay a supposed past due charge and even threatening to disconnect power.

Please know that if your payment is past due, SRP will send you a reminder bill. Protecting your personal information is one of our highest priorities. Call us immediately at (602) 236-8888 if you receive a suspicious call. Visit for more tips to keep you safe.