Call 811 before you dig

It is required by Arizona law that underground utilities be located and marked before any type of project involving digging begins. It only takes a few minutes to be in compliance with the law, limit your liability and stay safe: call 811 (formerly Arizona Blue Stake, Inc.) or visit Arizona811 to create an online ticket before digging.

Accidents involving contact with underground electrical power lines not only can damage equipment, but also cause serious injuries and even death. Be sure you know what to do if someone comes into contact with an energized power line.

When to call

In general, you should call 811 anytime you are digging on your property. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • sprinkler installation,
  • planting a tree, general landscaping (gardening, gravel installation, planting flowers),
  • installing pavers or a driveway and,
  • project planning.

Arizona Law

Below are links to the state's Excavation Law. Sections of the law may be revised or repealed.

Section 40-360.21. Definitions.

Section 40-360.22. Excavation in public street, alley, right-of-way or utility easement; determining location of underground facilities; providing information.

Section 40-360.23. Making excavation in careful, prudent manner; liability for negligence; notice; response; obliteration of marks; representative availability.

Section 40-360.24. Notice of damage to underground facility.

Section 40-360.26. Damage of underground facility; liability to owner, homeowner exemption.

Section 40-360.28. Civil penalty; liability.

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