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"Not only are we thrilled to have shade over our parking lot, the faculty at our Mesa campus now has an exciting ongoing opportunity to educate students about renewable energy by pointing to the brandnew solar system right outside our front office,” said Christi Cravens, principal at Arizona Agribusiness & Equine Center High School (AAEC) in Mesa.

Operational this month, the Mesa school received a free solar system through the SRP Solar for NonprofitsTM program. The system was awarded to AAEC as part of SRP’s previous call for applications for its Solar for Nonprofits program in which three nonprofits were awarded systems by SRP that were recently installed or are soon to be installed.

The Solar for Nonprofits program is funded by SRP and customers who contribute as little as $3 a month to the program. Since 2007, the program has awarded 52 solar systems to deserving Valley-based nonprofit organizations which SRP then installs. Collectively, the program has helped nonprofits save nearly $1 million while providing renewable, emission-free energy for their buildings.

SRP will expand utility-scale solar resources to 2,025 megawatts (MW) by 2025, more than double its original solar commitment made at the end of 2018.

To learn more about the program, visit



National Preparedness Month is recognized each September to promote disaster and emergency planning in an effort to make unforeseen disasters seem a little less overwhelming. Although it’s fundamentally geared toward individuals, businesses can and should participate all month.

As outlined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on, a handful of key considerations, templates and checklists can make a major difference in the event of an emergency.

Is your business prepared? SRP recommends the following:

  • Have a companywide emergency plan and supplies in place.
  • Sign up for outage alerts from SRP to stay in the know.
  • Practice safely shutting off utilities like power, water and gas.
  • Confirm that your business has functioning smoke detectors.
  • Consider looking into backup generators and emergency power sources

Finally, be sure to explore for more tips on how to keep you and your co-workers safe around electricity during a disaster.


Easy no- and low-cost ways for businesses to save

As we continue to power through the hot summer, now is a good time to implement energy- and money-saving habits that can bolster your bottom line and help your business run more energy efficiently. These simple ideas can limit unnecessary energy use and help reduce costs:

Lighting is one of the largest energy expenses for a business.

  • Turn off lights in unoccupied areas and/or install occupancy sensors that automatically turn lights on and off.
  • Keep lamps and fixtures clean. Accumulation of dust and grease can reduce light output by as much as 30%.
  • Take advantage of SRP rebates for lighting retrofits. Some customers may even qualify for a no-cost lighting audit. Preapproval for the rebate is required, so be sure to apply before ordering or installing lighting equipment. Learn more at

HVAC systems also account for a large portion of your energy bill.

  • Save 2%–3% on your energy bill for every degree the thermostat is raised in the summer.
  • Change the temperature gradually — one degree every week or so — to give employees time to adjust.
  • Look into rebates that SRP offers for HVAC equipment at

Simple energy-efficient office tips

  • Turn off machines rather than letting them idle. To conserve energy and reduce internal heat gain, turn off office equipment during non-business hours.
  • Use a smart power strip which can sense when monitors, printers and other equipment are in use and turn them off automatically when they are inactive for extended periods.
  • When buying new office equipment, look for ENERGY STAR® items.

SRP has rebates for businesses of all sizes on energy-efficient equipment, from LED lighting to HVAC equipment and more. Visit to learn more.



Simple water-saving ideas

At SRP, we know every business uses water differently, but saving water at your business can be simple.

Conduct an inspection of your property (inside and out) to identify where you use the greatest amount of water and pinpoint where savings can be achieved. Be sure to fix any leaks or drips you find as soon as possible.

The best and most effective way to conserve water in your operations is to educate and involve employees in water efficiency efforts. Designate a water efficiency coordinator and develop a mission statement for saving water at your business.

Visit for more water-saving tips for your business.