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First customer contributes to SRP Healthy Forest Initiative

Reducing wildfire risk and restoring the forested watersheds that provide water to about half of the Valley is why company officials at Terracon, an engineering firm based in Tempe, decided to take action. Terracon is the first SRP commercial customer to contribute to the SRP Healthy Forest Initiative™ (HFI).

A drier than normal winter has been forecasted for the southwestern United States, which includes the forests of northern Arizona, bringing with it the potential for more devastating wildfires that will continue to threaten the state’s unhealthy forests and watershed. Over the last 10 years, large wildfires have ravaged the watershed in and around the Salt and Verde rivers and more of these fires are expected.

The HFI allows SRP customers to invest $3 a month toward strategic forest thinning projects to help reduce the risk and devastating impacts of catastrophic wildfire and protect the health of our forests. If you’d like to partner with SRP and invest in the protection and restoration of our forests, visit


Wishing you a successful 2022

While 2021 was still anything but business as usual, SRP is hopeful for a brighter 2022, and we would like to remind you that we’re here to help you succeed and save this year. As a business owner here in the Valley, your contribution to the vitality of our community is greatly appreciated. When your business grows, we all benefit.

At SRP, helping you save money is our top priority. That's why we offer energy efficiency rebates to help our business customers conserve energy and save money. Your business could qualify for thousands of dollars in combined SRP rebates.

Contact your Strategic Energy Manager (contact information located at the top left corner of your bill) who can help you put together a money-saving plan for 2022. You can also visit for more rebate information.


Attention all property managers

Energy-efficient communities enjoy lower utility costs, higher property values and greater tenant satisfaction. The SRP Multifamily Solutions Program makes it easy and affordable to make energy efficiency upgrades so your community can start reaping the benefits.

We offer two ways to participate. The first approach is comprehensive. By leveraging a variety of SRP rebates, you can make impactful upgrades to common areas in your community, such as:

  • LED lighting
  • High-efficiency HVAC equipment
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Shade screens
  • Smart thermostats
  • Pool pumps

The second approach is a program that provides residents with free Energy Savings Kits. Each kit includes four ENERGY STAR® certified LED bulbs, an LED night light and a list of energy-saving tips. Apply for the program today at If your property is eligible, we’ll ship the kits to you directly at no cost. (The kits are prepacked and ready for contactless delivery to your residents’ doors.)

To learn more about the SRP Multifamily Solutions Program, visit or contact your program account manager to discuss an approach that’s right for you.



In fiscal year 2021, SRP’s Energy Efficiency programs and rebates supported more than 75,000 equipment upgrades and efficiency projects that helped customers save 611,000 MWh. That’s enough to power 35,000 homes for a year.

Over 350 commercial sites enrolled in SRP’s Business Demand Response program. Coupled with the residential Bring Your Own Thermostat program, customers provided SRP with 104 MW of capacity to help ensure power reliability throughout this past summer.

SRP’s Transportation Electrification educational initiatives and programs have helped support rebates for over 250 electric vehicles and 500 charging ports.

SRP’s E-Tech program supported nearly 650 electrification projects with 11,000 MWh of energy impacts, helping business customers displace fossil fuels, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve corporate sustainability objectives.