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JUNE 2021


It’s that time of year again when monsoon storms bring heavy rains, lightning and high winds that can snap utility poles and down power lines.

Follow these tips to avoid danger and stay safe:

  1. If you encounter a downed power line, stay at least 100 feet away and call 911 to report the location.
  2. If traffic lights are down, treat intersections as four-way stops and proceed with caution.
  3. Steer clear of flooded roads. It only takes 6 inches of water to cause a vehicle to float.

Visit to learn what you should do in the event the power goes out at your business.



Use your mobile device to report an outage or use the interactive outage map at to see areas without power.

Outages are displayed on the map in the form of colored icons. Tap an icon to see information about the outage, including the:

  • Impact area
  • Estimated time of restoration
  • Reason for the outage
  • Estimated number of customers without power

Mark your calendars and sign up for the 45-minute live Outage Training Webinar for businesses on June 29. In the event of an unexpected power outage, the free webinar will help you plan ahead, keep your employees and customers safe, and maintain critical operations. Claim your virtual spot at



Enhancing Arizona’s power grid is vital to keeping it reliable for the over 1 million and rapidly growing Valley customers we serve. Achieving the grid of the future requires innovation, a focus on helping local businesses become more efficient and a lot of testing. At SRP’s Innovation Center, we test modern technologies that are designed to save energy, keep costs low and give our customers more control over their comfort.

When it comes to helping businesses become more energy efficient, items that seemed futuristic even a few years ago are already being used. For instance, many customers have installed “smart” devices including smart thermostats that optimize energy usage based on your behavior and can be scheduled from an app. Major energy users in a business like HVAC systems and lighting have been getting innovative upgrades lately too. Traditionally, this equipment operates inefficiently, either not running at all while turned off or running at 100% when turned on. This causes major spikes in the grid’s energy demand when they’re all used at the same time. Upgraded HVAC components and LED lighting technologies deliver both savings and efficiency - a win for both the grid and your bank account.

By being more mindful about how and when we use energy, SRP can operate fewer generation facilities. This results in more reliable and affordable energy for your business. Staying affordably and comfortably cool is an important part of living in the desert. While our efforts are very forward-looking, energy efficiency is happening all around us right now. Take advantage of our constantly expanding efficiency programs and incentives to help us achieve the grid of tomorrow today.

This article is the fourth article in a seven-part series that highlights ways SRP is innovating for the future.



Like the sound of rebates, real business benefits and reducing your carbon footprint? Then you'll love what's available through Going electric has its perks and the list is growing. From lowering fuel and operation costs to dampening noisr and clutter, electrification can empower your workplace and improve your workplace.

  • Electric Forklifts:
  • Up to $500 per new addition, up to $2,000 per conversion
  • Truck stop and truck fleet charging bays:
  • Up to $1,000 per bay
  • Custom electric equipment:
  • Up to $0.10 per annual kWh
  • Electric vehicle charger rebate:
  • Up to $1,500 per networked Level 2 EV charging station port

For detailed program and elibility requirements, visit



Since 2007, SRP has completed 49 solar power system installations on nonprofit facilities through SRP’s Solar for Nonprofits program. The program is funded by SRP customers who contribute $3 a month through their bill.

In 2019, the program donated solar systems to three Valley nonprofit organizations: La Mesita Family Homeless Shelter, the Arizona Humane Society and Arizona Agribusiness and Equine Center.

This year we will award another solar system and will be accepting applications in mid-June. The recipient will be announced in August. To see if your nonprofit meets the eligibility requirements and to apply, visit