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May Special Issue


Girl sitting in her office with a fan in front of her blowing her hair back as if she is very warm.

Summer in the Valley of the Sun is a time for enjoying an air-conditioned space or escaping out of town for a vacation. It also marks the arrival of the monsoon and an extra strain on the energy grid. That’s why it’s so important for us to prepare each and every summer.

Rest assured that we will respond quickly when storms hit to maintain the high level of service you have come to expect. In this issue of Business Contact, we’re providing you with resources and information to help you get prepared for summer as well.

Facts that make SRP power so reliable

  • We continually invest in enhancements to our electric system to improve reliability and integrate more renewable energy sources into it.
  • We are a leader in regional power coordination efforts and industry research to further improve electric system reliability.
  • Much of our system is looped, meaning there is more than one way electricity can travel to you. This increases reliability because we can switch electric load to an alternate circuit if there is a problem with the usual path.


The Info you need at your fingertips

A man sitting in an office looking at a computer.

We provide many options for you to stay informed during storms and all year long.

Outage alerts via text: With SRP eNotes you can receive text alerts about outages in your area. To sign up for this service, visit

View and report outages: Use your mobile device to report an outage or use the interactive outage map at to see areas without power.


What to do If the Power goes out

Image of a smart phone screen showing a map that has a blue button on it with report outage written on it.

Delivering you power of the highest quality and reliability is our No. 1 priority. We take pride in being among the top-ranked utilities in the nation for reliable electric service. While outages may not occur often, we want you to be prepared for the rare times when they do. Stay safe and informed with these tips about what to do if your power goes out.

  • Stay calm. Refer to your preparedness plan, if you have one.
  • Go mobile. Even if you are without power you can use your mobile device to check our online outage map and see what areas are affected by the power outage. You can also monitor SRP's Facebook page or Twitter account for the latest outage updates.
  • Report the outage. You can either log in to your account to report online or call SRP at (602) 236-8888.
  • Appliances and electronics: Turn off all major appliances, including your computer, air conditioner, TV and other media equipment, and dishwasher. This will help protect your equipment from voltage fluctuations when power is restored.

For more tips, visit

Electrical safety Room by Room

Image of a power strip from the side with three plugs plugged into it.

May is Electrical Safety Month and whether your business is located in an office, retail space or a workshop, electrical safety should be a top priority. Awareness of electrical hazards is the key to keeping your employees safe around electricity.

  • Building: Know where your main electric switch is and how to turn it off.
  • Kitchen or breakroom: Make sure your hands are dry before operating electrical appliances.
  • Workspace: Don’t overload an extension cord. To determine if there is potential for a cord overload, check the wattage rating on the cord. Next, add up the wattage rating of all the products that will be operating at the same time on the cord.
  • Garage or workshop: Follow manufacturer guidelines for use of extension cords with power tools and inspect cords for wear.

Learn more at


Dry winter Could Lead to More Wildfires this Summer

This past winter turned out to be a near record dry season which has led to extremely dry vegetation that provides potential fuel for wildfires.

Predictions for Arizona's 2018 wildfire season, from lower elevation grasslands to mountain pine forests, show significant fire potential risk, and a challenging fire season is expected. It is important to be extra cautious and observe fire prevention tips when enjoying the outdoors in Arizona.

Dry, windy and warm conditions this spring and early summer can easily spark fires and pose a high risk for significant fires in the high mountain forests, much of which make up the Salt and Verde watersheds. SRP continues to work with partners on forest restoration activities, such as thinning overgrown forests, in order to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires and protect the forests that supply water to the Valley. To learn more, visit

You can help protect Arizona's forests

At first glance, the scope of the issues plaguing Arizona's forests can appear overwhelming. But there are steps you can take to help improve the situation.

  • Donate to SRP Trees for Change™ and funds will be used to plant trees in northern Arizona areas destroyed by fire.
  • Practice care outdoors by knowing how to properly extinguish a campfire.
  • Volunteer with organizations that are committed to the health of our forests.

Details can be found at



The bottom line of running a successful business is to make every dollar count. Limiting unnecessary energy use keeps money in your pocket and keeps your business running efficiently.

That’s why we created a guide for ways to save your business energy. The tips in SRP’s Energy Savings Guide for Business can help you cut your energy costs substantially – and even improve comfort and productivity. This summer, take action with these tips:

  • Take advantage of natural lighting. Turn off or dim lighting when adequate sunlight is available to illuminate interior spaces.
  • Make the most of your thermostat. Save 2% to 3% for every degree the temperature is raised in the summer. SRP recommends setting your HVAC between 78° and 80° when the building is occupied and above 80° during unoccupied hours.
  • Adjust automatic door closers. Closers may shut the door too slowly or not completely, letting air-conditioned air escape while letting in outside air. Often a simple adjustment can be made with a screwdriver.
  • Close window treatments during summer months. Consider installing shade screens and awnings on east-, west- and south-facing windows.
  • Turn off machines rather than letting them idle. To conserve energy and reduce internal heat gain, turn off office equipment outside of business hours.

Get more energy-saving tips or download the guide at


We're lowering prices for you

Icon with an arrow pointing down with a dollar sign inside the arrow.Enjoy lower prices during the May through October billing cycles. In March SRP's Board approved a temporary price decrease totaling $18.8 million (about 1%) in the fuel and purchased power components of our overall electric prices. This is our third such decrease in the last three years. The actual impact on summer monthly electric bills will vary according to customer usage. Go to for details.

The price decrease reflects lower natural gas costs — savings we're passing on to you. As a not-for-profit company, we make decisions in the best interest of our customers and the communities we serve.