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The most recent issue of the Business Contact newsletter is below. Additional information about rebates, energy saving tips and more is available on the Business Resource Center: Energy Advice.

November Issue

We're lowering prices for you

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Enjoy lower prices during the November through April billing cycles. In October, SRP’s Board approved a temporary price decrease totaling $24.2 million (about 2.3%) in the fuel and purchased power components of our overall electric prices. This is our fourth such temporary decrease in the last three years. Go to for details.

The price decrease reflects lower natural gas costs — savings we're passing on to you. As a not-for-profit company, we make decisions in the best interest of our customers and the communities we serve.



Image of Greg DePaola standing beneath a Cadillac logo on a wood paneled wall.

Greg DePaola, General Manager, Coulter Automotive Tempe

Having served the Valley for over 90 years, the Coulter family business remains successful because of its culture of providing exceptional customer service, great value and competitive prices. One way Coulter is able to continue offering competitive prices is by cutting its operating costs by saving money through energy efficiency.

The Coulter Motor Company’s Tempe Autoplex showroom underwent state-of-the-art lighting upgrades in its parking lot with help from SRP Standard Business Solutions rebates. Coulter Automotive owner William "Bill" Coulter made the decision to pursue SRP Standard Business Solutions rebates with the hope of achieving "twice the brightness at half the cost."

Efficient commercial lighting systems provide:

  • Superior quality of lighting and better color rendering on cars
  • A safer, more secure lot
  • Energy and maintenance cost savings
  • Less eye strain for customers and employees
  • Ways to reach corporate sustainability goals
Image of the outside of a cadillac dealership at night.

"We have enjoyed an enhanced customer experience, increased traffic and sales, and better security thanks to the improved lighting," said Greg DePaola, General Manager at the Coulter Automotive Tempe dealership. "We expect to see those benefits expand as we install additional energy-saving lighting and other upgrades."

To learn more about our rebates and energy-saving tips for the automotive industry, visit


Did you know?

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Small business is the backbone of our community and the economy. That’s why SRP is proud to support Small Business Saturday on Nov. 24.

We encourage consumers to kick-start their holiday shopping season by shopping at a small business in their community. We also support small business through the SRP Business Resource Center. We partnered with trusted local sources to offer relevant business resources and programs to help your company succeed.

Keep your business competitive. Visit today.


Phoenix, SRP water partnership

Image of canal with bushes and trees along the bank.

As the largest provider of water to the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, we are pleased to announce a new 10-year partnership with the Phoenix City Council. This is the second of two partnerships with the City this year to help ensure future resiliency of the Valley’s water supplies during extreme drought and shortage conditions on the Colorado River.

Under the terms of the latest partnership, we agreed to provide Phoenix with access to storage in some of our underground water storage facilities. Our system of dams, canals and groundwater wells allows water storage during wet periods to meet demand during dry periods common in the desert. The partnership allows Phoenix to store currently unused portions of its annual Colorado River water allocation for later recovery during potential shortage events.

Learn more about water storage and Valley water supplies at


Image of teachers in a wearhouse with bins of supplies.

Treasures 4 Teachers provides Arizona teachers with free and low-cost supplies by collecting unused items from local businesses. Teachers can "shop" at the warehouse for items they need to inspire Arizona kids. Treasures 4 Teachers reaches 4,500 teachers and more than 112,500 students annually, while allowing businesses to recycle salvaged items and support our community. SRP provides operating support and donates salvaged materials to Treasures 4 Teachers. It’s a win-win when we keep items out of landfills and inspire creativity in classrooms. Learn more at

Explore historical sites with srp map

Our new interactive heritage map shows the location of historic power and water features as well as artwork along the canals and other significant historical sites. Each site includes pictures, a description and, in many instances, links to additional information. The map is a resource for history buffs as well as educators and students, and anyone can use it to learn about their own neighborhood and SRP’s role in developing the Valley. Explore the map at


A dollar saved is a dollar earned. SRP’s Business Energy Manager is a free self-assessment tool that can help you identify energy waste and discover ways to cut costs. You’ll receive an energy report personalized to your business, which includes:

  • Low- and no-cost energy-saving ideas
  • Energy efficiency rebate opportunities that may be available to you from SRP
  • A customizable energy savings plan

Learn more at

Helping protect you from scams

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This year Nov. 21 is Utility Scam Awareness Day. We want you to be knowledgeable about the threats, techniques and tools used by criminals and provide you with tips on avoiding them. To protect yourself, know this:

  • Scammers threaten to disconnect your power within a short time frame unless you pay.
    Fact: SRP does not threaten disconnection within a few hours if payment isn’t made.
  • Scammers will ask you to pay with a prepaid card.
    Fact: SRP does not accept prepaid cards such as Green Dot, MoneyPak or Vanilla cards for payment. We also don’t accept bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

When in doubt, call us at (602) 236-8888. Learn more tips to keep you safe at


Monsoon 2018 proved to be a powerful one with six large storms hitting the Valley from June to September. Additionally, the National Weather Service issued eight Excessive Heat Warnings and twice SRP activated the free bagged ice program to assist customers affected by storm related outages. Thank you to Arizona Iceman, QuikTrip and Reddy Ice for providing ice and helping families stay cool while SRP crews worked safely to restore power. At SRP, we know Arizona businesses win when we work together, and we are proud to serve our customers while working with other organizations to build a better community today and for the next generation.