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September 2019


Like the sound of rebates, real business benefits and reducing your carbon footprint? Then you'll love what's available through Going electric has its perks and the list is growing. From lowering fuel and operation costs to dampening workplace noise and clutter, electrification can empower your workforce and improve your workplace.

Electric Forklifts Up to $500 per new addition, up to $2,000 per conversion
Electric standby truck refrigeration unit infrastructure Up to $1,000 per bay
Custom electric equipment Up to $0.10 per annual kWh

For detailed program and eligibility requirements, visit



"Prepared, Not Scared. Be Ready for Disasters" is the theme for this year’s National Preparedness Month (NPM), which is recognized each September to promote disaster and emergency planning in an effort to make unforeseen disasters seem a little less overwhelming. Although it’s fundamentally geared toward individuals, businesses can and should participate all month.

As outlined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on, there are a handful of key considerations, templates and checklists that can make a major difference in the event of an emergency.

Is your business prepared? SRP recommends the following:

  • Have a company wide emergency plan and supplies in place.
  • Sign up for outage alerts from SRP to stay in the know.
  • Practice safely shutting off utilities like power, water and gas.
  • Confirm that your business has functioning smoke detectors.
  • Consider looking into backup generators and emergency power sources.
  • Finally, be sure to explore for more tips on how to keep you and your co-workers safe around electricity during a disaster.



Despite the sweltering heat on June 13, 1908, a reported crowd of over 1,000 people gathered for the dedication of Granite Reef Diversion Dam, located below the confluence of the Salt and Verde rivers. The ceremonies were led by Arizona Gov. Joseph H. Kibbey, a former territorial district court judge and co-author of the Articles of Incorporation of the Salt River Valley Water Users' Association.



September 14-22 is National Drive Electric Week, a perfect time for SRP customers to consider options on From buying guides to electric vehicle comparison calculators and special price plans, there's plenty of helpful information available on the site.

All indications show that electric vehicles continue to grow in popularity. For instance, it is estimated that some 132 consumer models will be on the market by 2022; there are roughly 41 available today. And battery ranges will likely increase from 120-250 miles to 196-264 miles in the coming years (ranges apply to most EVs). As more people make the switch to electric vehicles, greenhouse gas emissions will likely decrease 57% by 2050. This is one technology that continues to charge into the future.

Source: SRP Transportation Electrification Roadmap



New amusement rides, zip lines, mini golf, chili parties and more. It's all part of the family fun at Schnepf Farms every Thursday in October. Best of all, admission is two for one when you show this coupon upon entrance. Take advantage of 10-acre mazes, activities from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and all sorts of fall excitement.

This offer is not good with any other offer. Train rides and select activities may require additional tickets. For directions, details and more information, visit or call (480) 987-3100 today!



Many utility poles have plastic casings that house high-voltage lines that carry power to underground lines. Hammering nails or other sharp objects into those casings to post a sign can cause serious injury or even death.

SRP and City of Phoenix crews remove signs when they find them because nails could also injure linemen who may need to climb the poles to make repairs or perform maintenance.

Attaching signs to public utility poles is not only dangerous but is also illegal in some cities.



At SRP, we know that every business uses water differently, but saving water at your business can be simple.

Conduct an inspection of your property (inside and out) to identify where you use the greatest amount of water, and pinpoint where savings can be achieved. Be sure to fix any leaks or drips you find as soon as possible.

The best and most effective way to conserve water in your operations is to educate and involve employees in water efficiency efforts. Designate a water efficiency coordinator and develop a mission statement for saving water at your business.

Visit for more water-saving tips for your business.