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FROM GREEN WASTE TO GREEN CROPS: A ReEnvision Waste Success Story

SRP installs miles of wire and cable each year, stretched across the state by Distribution and Transmission crews. The wire and cable come to SRP on wooden reels – over 3,000 each year. The reels vary in size, from quite small to very large. Once the cable is used, about 500 tons of this untreated wood becomes waste which is then sent to the landfill.

The empty reels are accumulated at multiple warehouse yards across the Valley. The reels, like most product packaging, are not returned to the suppliers but end up in the landfill instead. The SRP Supply Chain Sustainable Solutions team has provided reels to the public through the Investment Recovery auction process and has even donated some. However, neither method could absorb the quantity generated by SRP. The team went to work finding an alternate solution to divert this untreated wood from the landfills.

A local green waste recycling company was interested. CTS Greenwaste Recycling takes organic waste that other green waste companies can’t handle and creates a bio-rich soil amendment to augment commercial agriculture and farming operations while providing financial and environmental benefits. The “CTS mulch” created by the green waste recycling process improves crop yield, reduces the need for synthetic fertilizers and creates a valuable carbon offset. CTS Greenwaste comes on-site to disassemble, load and transport the reels to their site where they grind them down and remove any steel remnants.

A little effort can make a big difference when employees practice the three R’s of ReEnvision Waste: reduce, reuse and recycle. Do you have a plan in place in your business to help reduce waste? Visit to see how we regularly update and replace assets as they age and depreciate.


My Account System Upgrades

You asked, we listened. We’ve recently upgraded My Account to allow for a better user experience for business customers that make payments on 100 accounts or more.

What’s changing? Customers can now select the first 100 unpaid accounts when there are more than 100 unpaid accounts to choose from. They can hover over check boxes and determine how many have been selected toward the 100 account limit. They’ll also have the ability to filter the list of accounts by one or more payment status filters, such as due, past due, schedule and SurePay.

Visit to see the upgrades.



Monsoon 2020 was rather light with just one large storm hitting the Valley from June to September. SRP activated the free bagged ice program to assist customers affected by storm-related outages once on Aug. 20.

Thank you to Arizona Iceman, Circle K and Reddy Ice for providing ice and helping families stay cool while SRP crews worked safely to restore power. At SRP, we know Arizona businesses win when we work together, and we are proud to serve our customers while working with other organizations to build a better community today and for the next generation.



Unfortunately, far too many have fallen victim to impostor utility scams, especially during the holidays. We’d like to provide you with some tips on how to identify the threats, techniques and tools used by criminals so you can avoid them. To protect yourself, know this:

Scammers pretend to be from SRP and threaten to disconnect your power within a short time frame unless you pay.

FACT: SRP does not threaten disconnection within a few hours if payment isn’t made.

Scammers will ask you to pay with a prepaid card.

FACT: SRP does not accept prepaid cards such as MoneyPak, Green Dot or Vanilla for payment. We also don’t accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

If you suspect someone on the phone, at your door or at a PayCenter is impersonating an SRP representative, call (602) 236-8833 immediately. Cross-reference your M-Power display box for a secure up-to-date check of your balance. Learn more tips to keep you and your business safe at



Small business is the backbone of our community and the economy and, now more than ever, they need our support. That’s why SRP is proud to support Small Business Saturday on Nov. 28.

We encourage consumers to kick-start their holiday shopping online with a small business in their community. By shifting your spending to local businesses, you’ll be investing directly in the local community. We also support small businesses by making energy-efficient upgrades easy and affordable.

Ready to improve your business and lock in a rebate? Visit today.



Use your mobile device to report an outage or use the interactive outage map at to see areas without power.

SRP wants to remind all customers to update their text and email information in order to stay informed of any outages that may impact their business operations. This is especially important during the monsoon as storm systems and weather patterns move across the region.

Should areas encounter a temporary outage, we’ll provide updates and insights through My Account or directly via Account Managers. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, contact information (both phone and email) for your Strategic Energy Manager is readily available at the top of your bill.

You can find an on-demand Outage Training webinar along with other resources at



Each year, SRP produces an annual report that includes accomplishments and information on how we are helping to build a better Arizona today, tomorrow and into the future.

The 2020 Annual Report highlights how SRP is demonstrating the resilience developed during the past century of challenges and how it continues to provide sustainable, reliable and affordable water and power to the Valley through its corporate culture and focus on its core mission.

In addition, the report outlines the two-year plan aimed at maintaining SRP’s overall financial strength and flexibility to ensure its services meet the standards that water shareholders and power customers value and respect.

Read about fiscal year 2020 (FY20) accomplishments and FY21 plans at