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May 2019 Issue

SRP Lowers Rates with $64 Million Overall Price Decrease

SRP concluded a public pricing process this spring. The changes approved during that process take effect with the May 2019 billing cycle, which for most customers began in April. Highlights include:

  • An overall average annual price decrease of 2.2%

    This is the result of a reduction in fuel expenses and a modest increase in base prices. The approved decrease incorporates and adds to the decreases that SRP initially implemented on a temporary basis in 2018. Individual impacts will vary by price plan and usage.
  • Environmental programs continue, but costs rolled into other billing components

    Renewable energy and energy efficiency are part of SRP’s core business. As such, the Environmental Programs Cost Adjustment Factor (EPCAF) will be discontinued as a separate price plan component. Costs of renewable energy and energy efficiency will instead be captured through base prices and the Fuel and Purchased Power Adjustment Mechanism (FPPAM).
  • New price plans for those who generate some of their own electricity

  • There are three new price plans for residential customers who produce some of their own energy with rooftop solar and other technologies. Two of these options have no demand charge associated with them.
  • Increased contributions to the SRP Bill Assistance program

    SRP contributions to the Bill Assistance program for limited-income customers will increase to $500,000 annually for the next five years.
  • Increased battery storage incentive

    The incentive will increase for residential systems from $150 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) to $300 per kWh of storage capacity, up to a maximum of $3,600 per system. The availability of the incentive is capped at 4,500 installations.

To learn more about these changes, visit or call (602) 236-8888.


Did you know?

We have been able to keep prices stable for the past four years through responsible operations and management, strategic resource acquisitions and taking advantage of market conditions that have allowed us to generate a greater share of energy using lower-cost natural gas. Because natural gas prices are projected to remain low, we can continue to pass those savings on to you.

Recently approved pricing changes address investments needed to maintain reliability in the face of customer growth and support SRP's commitment to increasing sustainable resources while adding new technologies, such as battery storage, to the grid.



To help your business, check out highlights from two recent SRP-sponsored workshops: Sustainability Solutions for your Business and Social Media 101.

The complimentary events provided the opportunity for customers to learn how to create sustainability goals and a plan, as well as tips for marketing and growing your business through social media.

Presentations are available at



Don’t let monsoon storms wash out your business. SRP is offering complimentary Business Outage Preparedness Workshops on various topics to keep your business going forward in case the lights go out. You’ll discover:

  • What it takes to restore power during an outage
  • Tips on creating a business continuity plan
  • How to maintain your equipment
  • Options for backup power sources

A complimentary breakfast will be served followed by the presentations and a Q&A session.

Workshop Dates and Locations:

  • Tuesday, June 11: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Phoenix Tempe
  • Thursday, June 13: Mesa Convention Center

All event times are 7:30–9:30 a.m.

There is no cost to attend. Register today at



The summer monsoon, which brings lightning, heavy rain and high winds that can bring down power lines, is right around the corner. Follow these tips to be prepared for storms:

  1. Sign up to receive outage alerts via text. With SRP eNotes, you can receive text alerts about outages in your area that could impact your business. To sign up for this service, visit
  2. Create a business continuity plan with key employees, considering the impact of disruption. Define roles and responsibilities and make sure everyone is trained on the plan.
  3. Determine the processes and equipment that would be affected by an outage, such as key electrical equipment, alarm systems, elevators, lighting and AC units.
  4. Build an outage supply kit that includes emergency phone numbers, flashlights, a first-aid kit and car adapters/chargers for electronics.

Download SRP’s free business outage planning checklist at



SRP delivers "single-phase" or "three-phase" service to customers depending on their specific power requirements. Air conditioners larger than 5 tons, commercial refrigeration, motors and pumps are all examples of equipment needing three-phase power to operate.

Three-phase equipment requires three energized lines to run properly. With a loss of voltage on any one line, unprotected three-phase equipment may continue to run, possibly causing overheating. This could result in equipment damage or failure.

This type of interruption is referred to as "single phasing" and may be caused by acts of nature, such as lightning, falling tree limbs, wind, automobile accidents, electrical problems within your facility, or even a cyberattack on the system.

The National Electrical Code requires thermal protection when there is a single phasing event. Typical thermal protection, such as fuses, breakers or overload devices, may not be sufficient to protect your three-phase equipment when single phasing conditions occur. Fortunately, various protection devices are available that can give you this added protection.

This type of protection is a worthwhile investment, considering the high cost of three-phase equipment and the potential inconvenience of being without this equipment should it be damaged.

For additional information, visit



More than half of Americans either own a small business or work for one, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration.

SRP is proud to recognize small businesses and the amazing people who run them during National Small Business Month. To help Valley business owners, we offer rebates, calculators, energy-saving tips and assessments. Check out and start saving today.