The information below provides a brief overview of the project. Please be sure to read the gate information details for installation guidelines, photo examples and more.

Current situation

Gaining instant access through customer owned electric gates to SRP equipment has become difficult and sometimes impossible. In most cases, SRP needs a gate code to gain access through customer owned electric gates.

Unfortunately, customers change gate codes on a regular basis and fail to inform SRP. Entry delays are affecting SRP's ability to provide the level of service our customers expect, and in emergency situations, pose safety risks to SRP employees and the public.


To provide SRP field personnel with 24-hour continuous, safe access to SRP equipment and to protect the public.


SRP is concerned that the lack of immediate access to our equipment will adversely affect both our customer service and safety. Consequently, SRP is requiring all customers to install and maintain the SRP Restricted Access Switch (RAS) onto their existing main, guest and restricted exit entry gate(s).

Legal rights

Arizona law and SRP's Rules and Regulations grant SRP the right to construct, operate, and maintain electrical facilities to provide service to its customers. SRP has a right to legal access to all of its facilities to react to emergencies, interruptions, outages, etc., to perform appropriate maintenance and to complete turn-on/turn-off orders and scheduled meter readings for accurate billing.

Third-party claim issue

Customers with electric gates that fail to comply in a timely manner could be responsible for losses caused by SRP's lack of access, such as injury to persons or damage to property, loss of revenue and other losses claimed by SRP customers and others.


Customers are responsible for all costs associated with the installation and equipment, including the cost associated with the SRP RAS.

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