Installation guidelines and instructions for SRP restricted access switch (RAS)

  1. Preferred location of the RAS:
    • The installation must not obstruct, impede, inhibit, or block the operation of existing or proposed placement of gate operation devices for the local Fire Department, Police Department and the U.S. Postal Service.
    • The preferred installation is on the pole/pedestal facing the same direction as the telephone operator or on the left side of the pole/pedestal so that it is observable to a driver approaching the gate for entry.
    • For approval of non-standard installations due to the design of the pedestals, contact Dan Jackson at (602) 236-3710.
  2. The SRP provided RAS is mounted in a cast faceplate design and comes with a single-pole/single throw momentary switch and tamper proof screws for securing the cover.
  3. The customer may need to provide the remaining installation parts to complete installation:

    Recommended list of parts

    Quantity Part Description Suggested vendors
    1 Weatherproof box single gang box 2.75"X4.5"X2"
    With three 0.5" outlets
    RACO 5320-0
    BELL 270-L
    RED DOT IH3-1
    1 Thread locker Secure sealant for unused weatherproof box closure plugs Loctite Red #271
    Loctite Red #268
    1 Silicone sealant Used to seal around key switch cover and pedestal box 0.5" hole Silicone sealant
    4 Fasteners # 10 steel zinc plated fasteners
    2 Wire connectors 3M wire connectors - crimped butt splices preferred or equivalent for connecting 2 #18 AWG wires six feet copper wire six feet of 18 THHN or MTW 16 strand copper wire for extension from key-switch to telephone entry box.
    6 feet Copper wire 6 feet copper wire six feet of 18 THHN or MTW 16 strand copper wire for extension from key-switch to telephone entry box.
  4. To prevent damage from sharp edges, use electric tape or a protective sleeve covering the wire as it passes through the hole into the pedestal/raceway.
  5. Splice the micro-switch wires with an insulated, voltage appropriate, crimped connector. Do not use twists lock wire nuts for the wire extensions to the operator.
  6. Terminate the gate operator end at the receiving terminal block.
  7. Before the key switch is installed with the tamper proof screws, the system is energized and the momentary micro-switch actuated to ensure proper operation. Qualified personnel, usually the customer's gate technician, do the test.
  8. A key will not be provided.  Activation of the micro-switch will be the only test required.

Caution! This test requires the installer to ensure that all electrical connections are insulated from possible contact with persons or equipment.

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