Electric gate information

Please read the following information to find out more about existing and new gates, customer responsibilities, installation guidelines and SRP responsibilities.

Existing electric gates

SRP requires customers to install SRP-approved Restricted Access Switches (RAS) on existing or proposed main, guest and exit gates. This requirement enables SRP to respond to emergencies and perform routine activities through automated gates in a safe, timely and effective manner.

Please note that customers are responsible for all costs associated with the SRP RAS, including installation.

Electric gates that do not have the approved RAS do not meet the requirements of our Electric Service Agreement Section 1-15.2.C. Customers that fail to comply in a timely manner could be responsible for losses caused by SRP's lack of access, such as injury to persons or damage to property, loss of revenue and other losses claimed by SRP customers and others. SRP reserves the right to not respond to unsafe situations.

New construction

When submitting plans to SRP, the customer must identify all proposed electric gates and their locations. The RAS costs will be included with the upfront costs paid by the customer. The SRP Design office will give the RAS to the customer upfront after the customer has read and signed the addendum agreeing to abide by the installation requirements of the RAS attached to their contract with SRP. If the RAS is not installed by the time gates are operational, SRP will charge an additional re-inspection fee.

The requirements for new construction will also apply to any electric gates added by customers to their property after Jan. 1, 2006.

For approval of non-standard installations due to the design of the pedestals, contact SRP at (602) 236-8833.

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