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With thousands of electric gates in the Valley and numerous access codes and procedures, gaining instant entry to SRP equipment has become difficult, and in some cases impossible. Entry delays affect SRP's ability to provide the level of service our customers expect, and in emergency situations, pose safety risks to SRP employees and the public.

To address this need, we are now requiring customers to install the SRP-approved Restricted Access Switch (RAS) on existing or proposed main, guest and exit gates. This requirement enables SRP to respond to emergencies and perform routine activities through automated gates in a safe, timely and effective manner.

Section 6.10 of SRP's rules and regulations provides that SRP must have an unconditional right of access to a customer's premises for the purpose of accessing SRP facilities for maintenance and other work. SRP's Rules and regulations have been adopted by SRP pursuant to A.R.S. Section 48, subsection 2301 et. seq., Section 30, subsection 801 et. seq. and other pertinent authority.

Immediate access means SRP personnel can immediately reach SRP equipment 24-hours a day for emergencies, testing, inspection, meter reading and maintenance. When SRP personnel do not have immediate 24-hour access, it prevents SRP from responding immediately and in an emergency could cause extended power interruptions, serious property damage and/or life threatening public safety risks. Therefore, electric gates blocking access to SRP facilities must have the RAS installed.

Any customers with existing or proposed electrically operated gates must provide SRP with immediate 24-hour access by means of the approved SRP Restricted Access Switch (RAS). Installation of electric gates can inadvertently create safety and access problems for our electric facilities. Electric gates that do not have the approved RAS do not meet the requirements of our Electric Service Agreement Section 1-15.2.C.

Customers who fail to install the RAS pose a safety hazard to SRP personnel and the public. SRP reserves the right to not respond to unsafe situations.

Without immediate 24-hour access, SRP may be unable to respond safely to police, fire and customer requests or to restore power following an outage. In addition, lack of access makes it difficult to perform maintenance and other basic work activities located in communities with electric gates.

Customers with electrically-operated gates that fail to comply with the immediate 24-hour access requirement could be held liable for any third-party claims made by their residents or customers resulting from a denial of access for SRP response. This potential liability should be a major concern to our customers and their insurance companies.

The access switch locations will include the existing main, guest and/or restricted entry gate(s), but not exit only or resident only gates.

After researching other access entry options, SRP decided to use this RAS assembly, which is a key assembly. SRP has been using this restricted key assembly successfully throughout SRP territory for more than 20 years. This is a restricted key assembly that has proven to be a very simple, yet durable, access system for SRP personnel. Not only does SRP hold proprietary ownership on this restricted key assembly, but SRP also has not historically had a problem with this assembly being tampered with or vandalized.

Rather than require the customers to support an expensive, sophisticated system, SRP chose to use this simple, reliable and durable RAS assembly. The RAS assembly has proven longevity, is very dependable and requires little to no maintenance.

Customers are responsible for contracting with their authorized gate technician for the installation work.

  • Existing electric gates process
    You can request a print copy of the form by calling (602) 236-8833 or sending an e-mail to

  • Proposed electric gates
    When submitting plans to SRP, the customer must identify all proposed electric gate and their locations. The RAS cost(s) will be included with the upfront costs paid by the customer. The SRP Design office will give the RAS to the customer upfront after the customer has read and signed the addendum agreeing to abide by the installation requirements of the RAS attached to their contract with SRP. If the RAS is not installed by the time gates are operational, SRP will charge an additional re-inspection fee.

    The requirements for new construction will also apply to any electric gates added by customers to their property after Jan. 1, 2006.

Customers with electrically operated gates will be responsible, at their expense, for keeping the RAS in good working condition.

SRP attempted to coordinate with other groups that require immediate access through electric gates, such as the fire department, police department and U.S. Postal Service. SRP found that each group already has an existing, yet different, method of access into customers' and communities' electric gates.

Due to liability issues, these groups were not willing to grant SRP, other municipalities and other utilities the use of their existing access systems.

SRP did find that other utilities are experiencing similar safety and access issues. However at this time, the utilities are not ready to participate for various reasons.

The installation instructions will be included with each RAS assembly, and there are installation instructions available.

Authorized gate technicians may contact Dan Jackson at (602) 236-3710 regarding answers to questions about the installation process.

Electric gates that have a guard stationed at them only meet SRP's definition of 24-hour access if the guard station is never left unmanned. If the guard leaves the gate building unoccupied at any time to perform other security responsibilities, such as performing patrols or checking on members of the community, then the RAS is required to be installed to allow SRP immediate 24-hour access.

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