Customer and SRP responsibilities

  1. SRP requires the customer to install a restricted access switch (RAS) on each existing or proposed main and guest entry gates(s) and restricted exit gate(s) that provides continuous 24-hour access.
  2. The RAS will be installed by the customer's gate service company and maintained according to SRP Specifications. The maintenance specifications are that it is maintained in working order for our field personnel. If the RAS becomes inoperable, then it is the customer's responsibility to make the necessary repairs.
  3. After payment for the restricted access switch (RAS) is received, Design will give the restricted access switch (RAS) to the customer to install with the gate.
  4. New construction will have the RAS charges included in the project costs.
  5. SRP will inspect each installation of the RAS. The inspection is to verify that the gate opens and closes. SRP assumes no liability for the switch installation.
    1. New construction installation(s) - Any meter(s) associated with the entrance or guest gate and/or restricted exit gate will be required to install the RAS. SRP re-inspection fees may apply until a RAS is installed and proven operational on each new main or guest entry gate(s) and/or restricted exit gate(s).
    2. Existing installation(s) - Each installation for existing main or guest entry gate(s) and/or restricted exit gate(s) will be inspected to verify that it is installed and operational.