Support for Multicultural Programs

At SRP, we proudly support the rich diversity of our community and customers with innovative programs that reach underserved populations.

With guidance from our community partners, we've made education our top priority. Specifically, SRP multicultural programs are designed to increase high school graduation rates, educational attainment and support teacher enrichment throughout Arizona. We are grateful to those who share our commitment to Arizona's ever-improving quality of life, and we look forward to future partnerships in support of these efforts.

If you have questions or are interested in learning more about SRP's multicultural programs, call (602) 236-4476.

Program selection

The selection of SRP's multicultural programs is based on long-term partnerships, as well as key input from diverse community leaders and education experts. Our goal is to make informed investments in areas of opportunity that further our mission.


SRP's multicultural initiatives include:

    Image is three separate pictures that have been rounded. The rounded images are layered to create one oblong image. Top image is of a little boy sitting in a crowd waiving an American flag. Second image shows a young man from the shoulders up in a graduation cap and gown. The last and bottom image is of a women and two men dressed in business attire standing in front of backdrop that has the African-American Leadership Institute logo on it.
  • Hispanic Leadership Institute (HLI): HLI promotes the individual development of Hispanics for increased participation in leadership roles and serves as a principal education and networking resource for expertise in and advocacy of leadership issues affecting Latino communities.
  • Asian Corporate and Entrepreneur Leaders (ACEL): ACEL supports the development of leaders within the Asian American community through professional development, cultural awareness, community service and mentorship. Members of ACEL represent a variety of fields and contribute to the community through volunteer and charity work.
  • Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC) Teacher Esperanza Awards: Realizing the important work teachers complete in difficult environments, CPLC made the decision to honor this group of unsung heroes. CPLC, along with its corporate and community partners, initiated in 1999 the Esperanza Latino Teacher Awards, which when translated means the "hope" teacher awards. This prestigious event recognizes outstanding Latino educators who are, in essence, the hope for future generations.
  • American Dream Academy (ADA): The ADA's educational focus starts with the beginning of life, helping parents to instill the value of education within themselves and their children. Through the ADA, parents are given the tools to guide their children from kindergarten through 12th grade and into higher education. This type of school-based intervention empowers and trains parents to become effective advocates and partners in their children's education.
  • African American Leadership Institute (AALI): Valle del Sol's AALI, in partnership with the Arizona Opportunities Industrialization Center, has developed and will implement a leadership institute crafted to increase African-American participation in leadership roles. The institute will also serve as the principal education and networking source for expertise, and advocacy, of leadership issues facing the African-American community.

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