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CUP area maps

The SRP Customer Utility Panel (CUP) provides a voice for SRP electric customers who reside outside of the District voting boundary. There are seven areas of CUP representation. Find detailed maps below.

CUP Areas

To find out if your home lies within the boundaries of one of the CUP areas, please call (602) 236-8888(602) 236-8888.

View a more detailed map of each area

Area 1

CUP members:

    • Alton Washington
    • Christie Ellis

Area 2

CUP members:

  • Julie A. Graham
  • Monte Nevitt

Area 3

CUP members:

  • Michael T. Hutchinson
  • Vacant

Area 4

CUP members:

  • Scott Stilgenbauer
  • Vacant

Area 5

CUP members:

  • Mary Gloria
  • Chris Clark

Area 6

CUP members:

  • Bryant Powell
  • Roxanne Coleman

Area 7

CUP members:

  • Micki Wilkinson
  • Audra Koester Thomas