Make irrigation repairs easier with an IWDD

FAQs about Irrigation Water Delivery Districts

Absolutely! SRP is here to help you with every step in the process. Please contact us at (602) 236-3333 and ask for an IWDD program manager or email us at You can also use our online form to request help.

SRP does not own the irrigation system within the neighborhood. SRP maintains and operates everything that leads up to the SRP delivery gate.

Trustees are elected by you and your neighbors. Trustees can have different roles based on your IWDD's needs and bylaws.

You and your neighbors establish the bylaws. Depending on the needs of your private irrigation system, your IWDD bylaws may vary from others.

Unless your bylaws state otherwise, trustees hold an open annual meeting to discuss budget needs for the next year, file necessary paperwork and schedule maintenance.

Funds are collected through your Maricopa County property assessments. 100% of the funds collected remain with the IWDD.

They would have to re-form their IWDD to include you. This includes submitting a new impact statement, a new request for resolution to the city and a new petition.

The proposed IWDD boundaries include your property. The IWDD will only be formed if it receives "50% plus one" of individual homeowners within the proposed boundary.