Join SRP Healthy Forest Initiative and help restore our forests

Wildfires have destroyed millions of acres of Arizona's national forests. These lands are critical to our air, water supply and quality of life.

Help us prevent catastrophic wildfires

Join the SRP Healthy Forest Initiative™ for as little as $3 a month and help revitalize our forests. You'll support strategic thinning efforts in overgrown forest areas that provide fuel for wildfires. Without this action, more catastrophic wildfires are almost a certainty.

SRP uses 100% of customer contributions for forest restoration projects with partners and matches every dollar you contribute up to $200,000 per year.

Together, we can help prevent wildfires and protect the water we drink.

Sign up for SRP Healthy Forest Initiative

By clicking the submit button, you will be enrolled in the SRP Healthy Forest Initiative in the amount requested. This amount will be added to your monthly bill and will appear on your next statement.

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